I am angry.

I have not been well.   I have heart rates in the high 140’s.  Twice I have gone into serious atrial fibrillation territory.  Yes heart attack or heart shut down.   The doctors are changing my medications to get my heart rate, my pain, my other issues under control.   I get very few hours right now on the computer to read what I think is worth reading and even less to share it.   Now I am hearing that because I have not been able to get to comments due to my health and thinking the people who come here would be science based reasonable people who would understand the majority of the medical community agrees with trans affirmative care I could rest while my doctors find ways to help me.   

Turns out I was wrong.   Decent people would have understood the situation I am under, how some days I struggle to breathe with my heart rate so high, how sitting in my desk chair causes me to feel ever building pain and yet I don’t have the money to buy / build the things I need to keep doing what I did.   

Turns out the anti- trans trolls who I already fully debunked moved in in my absence and tried to full spread their lies, their myths.  In the process they have sucked in normally reasonable people.  All because I was not feeling up to getting to the comments something I have been struggling with for the last year.  

I thank those that contacted me with the situation.  I do my blog to counter the misinformation and hate put out by the regressive religious right.  My side is backed up by science and peer reviewed studies, something the other side cannot claim.   They want to hold on to tradition, to the way it always was in their lifetime, not realizing before that it was different also.  I am done and angry.   

Let me say that again.   I am pissed off and angry.   For now until I can go back threw all the comments and correct the misinformation and hate I am shutting comment off on things I post, if I manage to find time to post anything at all.   

Last night I went to bed about 7 PM, my pulse was racing, my pain high and due to my medications and my supper I was very tired.   I had a good blood sugar before supper of only 104, but I knew to cover more than that with my insulin.  I had more tabs open and things I wanted to get to on both computers than I can describe.   I would love to share that news with everyone, but the regressive haters seem not to want that.   OK then if it is a constant fight on FACTS you want to have I guess I have to divert what energy I have to that.   

The truth is on the progressive accepting side!   The regressive traditional side is wrong.  Just as it has always been for all of history!  The earth is not flat, the sun doesn’t rotate around the earth!  Black people are not less than whites, Jews are not evil as a group.  Grow the fuck up all you people who say that it was not that way before.   Yes I am angry.   I don’t feel well and I must now deal with people that think the Florida administration that claims vaccines are bad and dangerous to your health has the right take on teaching.   Dogs that love gravy do you people ever get out of your bubbles and look around the world.  The rest of the world is leaving the US behind on how to treat people, education, healthcare including child / mother death during childhood.  The last bastion of resistance in a capitalist society is centered in the US while the rest of the developed nations soar above us in how they treat their people.   But you in the US just keep worrying about who uses the bathroom and be suspicious if they don’t look how you think they should.   Oh crap those undeserving people might get enough government assistance to eat a full meal today.  Keep watching so the corporations can steal everything you have with the government supporting them!

So to those that sent me messages of the mess my comment sections have become I thank you.   To those assholes who wanted to abuse my faith in humanity I am going to deal with you.   And I am angry!    Hugs

Right-Wingers Are BAFFLED By The Constitution

“In God We Trust” is a motto, not a part of America’s origin story. Mondale Robinson breaks down the historical basis for the separation of church and state on Rebel HQ.

VICE: The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors

The Far Right Is Calling for the Execution of Teachers and Doctors
A growing number of people working in education and healthcare are receiving death threats because they provide support or care for LGBTQ minors.

Read in VICE: https://apple.news/AMQQZ9nk0RReMMvkFZXPiWw

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THE GUARDIAN: Colorado sheriff honors deputy after he killed man who mistakenly got in wrong car

Colorado sheriff honors deputy after he killed man who mistakenly got in wrong car
Richard Ward, 32, was shot thrice at close range by Charles McWhorter, who received a purple heart award

Read in The Guardian: https://apple.news/ATw3T5-zZQZixlFjwZv1F5w

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CNN POLITICS: Florida bill would give DeSantis more power over state universities and ban gender studies

Florida bill would give DeSantis more power over state universities and ban gender studies
A new bill overhauling Florida universities to match Gov. Ron DeSantis’ vision for higher education would shift power at state schools into the hands of the Republican leader’s political appointees and ban gender studies as a field of study.

Read in CNN Politics: https://apple.news/A_7ewMCA4SsWkN62eHp-5hQ

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Republican: “There Are Upsides To Child Abuse Deaths”

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“A Republican state lawmaker in Alaska stunned his colleagues this week by making the case for the potential economic benefits of fatal cases of child abuse. State Rep. David Eastman’s comments went viral after he spoke at a hearing concerning traumatic childhood experiences and how they affect the child over the course of their lives.”*