CPAC Leader’s wife BLAMES LIBERALS for Husband’s Sex Scandal as Texas Paul Exposes NEW LEAKED TEXTS

After CPAC Leader Matt Schlapp was accused of sexual assault of a male Herschel Walker staffer, both the CPAC organization and Matt Schlapp’s wife, Mercedes Schlapp, have decided to blame…liberals. Texas Paul reacts.

Over half of LGBTQ parents surveyed in Florida considered leaving state over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law

This is what DeathSantis and the republicans in the state want.   They want to remove gays from the state.   They want a white straight ethnostate.  They want a maga paradise.   The don’t say gay bills are not about instructing sexuality or gender identity it is about denying such things exist.    Nan has asked if Ron and I would move out of Florida and the answer is yes we have talked about it for the last few years.   As Florida has become more and more maga and intolerant we have talked about or options.   Hugs

New research on LGBTQ parents in Florida found that a majority of those surveyed considered leaving the state over its controversial law restricting classroom instruction on LGBTQ issues before the fourth grade.

Nearly six out of 10 parents surveyed by the Williams Institute said that the enacting of the legislation commonly known as “Don’t Say Gay” led them to consider moving to a different state — while 17% have already taken steps to do so.

The research — released Tuesday by The Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, a think tank that focuses on LGBTQ law and policy — also found that 11% of surveyed parents considered moving their child to a different school.

Analyzing data from 113 LGBTQ parents in the state, researchers found that nearly nine out of ten of them said that they were concerned about the effects of the legislation on their families and children.

They expressed concerns that the law would restrict them from speaking freely about their families, and as a result, it would affect their children’s sense of self and sense of safety and also create a hostile school climate.

“Legislation can have a negative impact on LGBTQ+ parent families by cultivating a climate of fear and insecurity,” said study author Abbie E. Goldberg, a professor of psychology at Clark University.

“For LGBTQ+ parents without the means to move or send their children to private schools, the stress that this legislation creates will be significant,” Goldberg added.

Surveyed parents reported that their children had already experienced a variety of consequences from the bill — including bullying and harassment because of their parents’ LGBTQ identities, fears about continuing to live in the state, and no longer having the ability to talk about their parents’ or their own LGBTQ identity at school.

Members and supporters of the LGBTQ community attend the "Say Gay Anyway" rally in Miami Beach, Florida on March 13, 2022.

“The Don’t Say Gay bill claims to be for parent rights, but my rights have been taken away since its passage,” one parent said. “My right to send my daughter to school freely, my right to live without fear of who I am, my right to not be discriminated against based on my sexual orientation, and my daughter to not be discriminated against based on her parents’ sexual orientation.”

Slammed by critics as “hateful,” “homophobic” and “transphobic,” HB 1557 was signed into law nearly a year ago by the state’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The much-publicized enacting of the legislation — a victory for conservatives in the state — sparked a dramatic increase in anti-LGBTQ vitriol on social media, as well as in-person protests against LGBTQ youth events in the state.



Trans Woman Arrested In Texas For…Being…Trans?!

I like this YouTuber and while he is straight he is a great LGBTQ+ supporter.   I normally skip the fan art section and I recommend you do also unless you like badly drawn stuff from fans that look like 2nd graders did it.   But the video is important to show the extent of bigotry in Texas toward trans people by the police to the point where they violate the laws and civil rights.    Hugs

School bans “safe space” signs after parents complained about favoritism for LGBTQ+kids

Do you know why safe spaces were created?  It started with building or businesses such as fire stations or restaurants that scared abused kids could go into and tell an adult what was wrong.  Kids walking home from school or walking in an area that were approached by gangs, drug dealers, or the threat of harm / abuse could rush to these places.  The idea worked so well it was expanded into schools and other places.   In this case the complaining parents claimed it discriminated against non-LGBTQ+ kids.   Straight white kids wouldn’t have a safe space those parents shouted.   But really all kids know that a teacher will protect a straight white kid, it is the black kids when in the minority and the gay / trans kids that need to know they are safe.   The straight black kids and white straight kids can just assume that the staff would protect them but that assumption is not something that gay / trans / non-binary kids have.  They don’t assume an authority figure will support them because so many authority figures actively speak badly of them.   So they need a sign to tell them if harassed, threatened, abused come here for help or safety.  Some parents cannot stand that LGBTQ+ kids are not allowed to be bullied, harassed, picked on, and harmed especially if their kids are disciplined for being the ones doing it.   Yes bigoted parents can produce bigoted kids and parents of these kids hate rules protecting the kids their kids like to beat up.   As I have reported one of the co-authors / sponsors of the Florida don’t say gay bill admitted that he was angry that gay kids coming out were accepted and not too frightened of harm to come out at all.   He was upset these gay kids were not targets for abuse and harm.   That is the mind set of people that want to get rid of safe spaces.   Notice that the attack on these safe space stickers are driven by the right wing hate machine that calls them indoctrination.   The idea of tolerance, kindness, and not harming others is somehow thought to be a harmful ideology by the right.   Their own ideology says attack anyone who is different until everyone is just like us.   Do we want that taught to kids who grow up and teach it to their kids?   And again letting kids know that gay people exist is indoctrination by these people, well I guess telling kids about any reality is indoctrination then.  Seriously is there a harm that kids know there are gay people?  Is there a harm that kids know there are left handed people or red haired people also?   Kids know that there are gay people, it doesn’t make them gay just as kids knowing that there are straight people doesn’t make all kids straight.   Hugs

A safe space sticker
Photo: Shutterstock

A middle school in New Jersey has removed rainbow-themed “safe zone” signs from its campus. Superintendent Peter Turnamian announced the change at a January 3 board of education meeting.

The LGBTQ+-affirming signage at Long Valley Middle School, in place since 2019, was the result of a student-led effort at inclusiveness. Recent complaints by parents led Turnamian, superintendent for the Washington Township School District, to consult with district lawyers.

“Ultimately, the advice of legal counsel was to have them come down,” Turnamian said of the signs. Lawyers characterized parents’ concern over favoritism as “appropriate criticism.”

The superintendent unveiled plans for a “Profile of a Panther” initiative to replace the safe zone signs, using the school’s mascot to “encourage kindness” among the school’s sixth- to eighth-grade students. Plans for the initiative would be developed with feedback from the community, said Turnamian.

The change marks a victory for parents who lobbied for the signs’ removal. A months-long campaign at school board meetings in the rural township in southern New Jersey brought out residents on both sides of the issue.

“School should be a safe space for all kids, not just some kids,” newly elected school board member John Holly said at the meeting in early January. “Is this just a convenient way to push ideology on kids?” he asked, speaking of the rainbow-themed signage.

One meeting attendee recalled for board members that students were responsible for establishing the safe zone signs.

“There aren’t any kids that are talking about how this is harmful to them,” she said.

A self-identified lesbian and genderqueer student at Long Valley was applauded at a December board meeting: “I can say the LGBTQ+ community is constantly bullied and belittled in our school system. The safe zone rainbow stickers let kids like me know that they are not alone despite their differences. The signs are not hurting anybody, and they are not imprinting on your children. They only promote love and accepting yourself for the way you are.”

“The removal of LGBTQ+ affirming materials from schools is downright shameful. LGBTQ+ students across the country are already facing relentless attacks from legislators, and they deserve — at minimum — to feel safe in the classroom,” said GLSEN Executive Director Melanie Willingham-Jaggers. “We’re so thankful for our educators who create inclusive, affirming environments for their students despite hateful opposition from those who seek to erase and silence LGBTQ+ people. There is no place for discrimination in the classroom, and we will continue to fight for representation and visibility of LGBTQ+ communities in all schools across the country.”

Rainbow flags, stickers, and other LGBTQ+-affirming materials have been under attack at schools across the country recently. Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law has had a chilling effect on students’ and teachers’ speech, with rainbow imagery removed from classrooms by school administrators, or preemptively taken down by teachers in fear of losing their jobs.

In September, Proud Boys showed up at a school board meeting in Missouri to protest the display of a small rainbow flag by a seventh-grade teacher after an alderman demanded in a Facebook post that the district “stop indoctrinating and grooming our kids!” In the same month, Bucks County in Pennsylvania banned all rainbow imagery and other “advocacy materials” in classrooms.

Brutal Torture of Gay Men under Nazi Regime – Nazi Germany

Please notice the similarities of what the Nazis did with what DeathSantis and the republican leaders in red states are doing now with the don’t say gay laws.  The Nazis started with getting rid of the literature and any gay positive news or newspapers.  They made laws restricting and outlawing gay meeting places just like the red states are doing with drag queen shows.  Also they made gay associations and gay supporting groups to disband and forbid them from existing just like in Florida where no gay straight alliance clubs can now be formed in schools supporting the gay / LGBTQ+ kids.  There is so much more in the video that shows how DeathSantis and his advisors are following the Nazi play book to eliminate the LGBTQ+ community, to rid the state of the gay and trans people.   Such as using thugs called Brown Shirts to attack and scare gay establishments which reminds me of the Proud Boys gangs.  Arresting and stopping events claiming they were preventing crime and if they got a gay person in the arrests or anyone with any public indecency in their record they made a big deal of making an example of them, claiming the need to protect the public and the children.   One of the reasons that the Nazis hated the gays was they did not produce Aryan children which was the goal of the movement.  Similar to the current white nationalist / Christian nationalist that claim that same sex marriage is not a true marriage and that same sex families are not real because same sex couples can not produce offspring.   In their minds there is not enough white kids being born.   Please note the same things said about homosexuality then are the same things said about gays today by republicans, including what the religious evangelicals today say about same sex marriage not producting children.   Hugs

Randy sent me some thought provoking tweets.

You should go to the actual tweet and read the comments.   Hugs

Why do kids need guns made for them?   They seem to do well with adult guns at shooting people.  But seriously everyone understands that kids emotional control and reasoning ability are limited.   Some adults never grow out of those limitations.  Again the comments are all over the map.  Hugs

I just started to follow this guy above on YouTube.   He has a veery reasonable take on things and is easy to understand.   Hugs

The story below is amazing because it took kids to figure out something the adults should have seem a long time ago.   Grand kids.   Hugs

NHL backs down from diversity job fair posting in face of pressure from DeSantis administration

There will be no diversity or inclusion in Florida.   Only straight white Christian people will be seen in society or promoted in employment.  Those icky others shouldn’t be here or get jobs.   Notice that DeathSantis spokes person claimed that discrimination wouldn’t be tolerated in Florida and they would stomp out the woke agenda.    I asked myself what discrimination they were talking about, but reading the article it became clear that having a job fair directed to anyone but white straight people was the offence the DeathSantis administration couldn’t tolerate.   What is woke that the right hates and works so hard to wipe out?  It is respect for other people and other ideas.   It is the new politically correct that the right fought against so hard because again it was about respecting other people and other ideas.  The right / republicans can not tolerate anything / anyone that is not a clone of themselves.   This is a complete regression to before the civil rights laws were passed.   This is an open attempt to return or to enforce a white straight in charge society.   This is repackaged white supremacy racism.   This is the US attempt to create a version of South African Apartheid.   Hugs

Hockey league scuttles criteria after administration criticism.

The Ron DeSantis administration is able to declare victory over a major sports league, which changed plans for a diversity job fair in South Florida.

Fox News Digital first reported that the National Hockey League has abandoned plans to hold a job fair that would have opened up opportunities to various groups historically marginalized in the United States.

The so-called “Pathway to Hockey Summit,” to be held Feb. 2 in Fort Lauderdale during the NHL’s All-Star Weekend, was originally tailored to “diverse job seekers who are pursuing careers in hockey,” according to a now-deleted LinkedIn post that raised the ire of the DeSantis administration.

“Participants must be 18 years of age or older, based in the U.S., and identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability. Veterans are also welcome and encouraged to attend,” asserted the previous event description, which drew the ire of a DeSantis spokesperson.

“Discrimination of any sort is not welcome in the state of Florida, and we do not abide by the woke notion that discrimination should be overlooked if applied in a politically popular manner or against a politically unpopular demographic. We are fighting all discrimination in our schools and our workplaces, and we will fight it in publicly accessible places of meeting or activity,” Bryan Griffin told Fox News Friday.


The revised posting eliminates any reference to ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and military veteran status.

“The Pathway to Hockey Summit is a career event, especially to encourage those that historically have not been exposed to hockey and all who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in the sport.”

The NHL distanced itself from the previous language as “not accurate,” suggesting that the intent was really to reach out to people unfamiliar with hockey.

“The Pathway to Hockey Summit is an informational and networking event designed to encourage all individuals to consider a career in our game – and, in particular, alert those who might not be familiar with hockey to the opportunities it offers,” the NHL spokesperson said.

The NHL seems to have extended its deadline for registration in light of the revised criteria.


Florida’s Voice reported that the original deadline for registration was Friday the 13th, with accepted applicants to be told on Tuesday Jan. 17. The updated posting says that they will now be told a week later, on Jan. 24.

Though the wording has been changed, reminders of the previous job search remain on career boards, such as ones from the University of Southern California and the University of Pennsylvania. These postings still maintain that participants “must … identify as female, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+, and/or a person with a disability,” or be military veterans.

DeSantis Bullies NHL Into Canceling Diversity Job Fair


Florida Politics reports:

The Ron DeSantis administration is able to declare victory over a major sports league, which changed plans for a diversity job fair in South Florida. The NHL has abandoned plans to hold a job fair that would have opened up opportunities to various groups historically marginalized in the United States.

The so-called “Pathway to Hockey Summit,” to be held Feb. 2 in Fort Lauderdale during the NHL’s All-Star Weekend, was originally tailored to “diverse job seekers who are pursuing careers in hockey,” according to a now-deleted LinkedIn post that raised the ire of the DeSantis administration.

The revised posting eliminates any reference to ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, and military veteran status. “We do not abide by the woke notion that discrimination should be overlooked,” said DeSantis spokeman Bryan Griffin to Fox News Digital.

Read the full article. Attention to the job fair was first raised by the far-right Florida’s Voice, which was founded by a January 6 attendee.

Fridayan hour ago

It’s “progressive discrimination” to encourage *more* people to apply than the group already mostly doing the applying? Yeah, sure, you poor straight white dudes who can’t compete.

Westcoast8819 minutes ago

They keep using attacks on “wokeness” in their attempts to create a White Christian nation.

GlennF7 minutes ago

I think Rick Wilson and the author of this NYTs opinion piece are underestimating deathsantis’s ability to overtake trump for the 24 rethug nomination, but they do a good job in pointing out Florida’s shitty economic and political situation:…

Most criticism of Mr. DeSantis’s national electability has been centered around his lack of charisma, which Mr. Trump crystallized by giving him the cumbersome nickname Ron DeSanctimonious. But focusing on personality and style obscures the governor’s real failings: Florida is not a model for the nation, unless the nation wants to become unaffordable for everyone except rich snowbirds.

I have to wonder how many companies & organizations are quietly moving their special meetings events to other locations? Many of them liked having such winter events scheduled in warm weather climes, but with Gov Performative Politics at the helm, how many have decided or will decide to go elsewhere? It would be interesting to see how these stunts have hurt Florida’s entertainment industry.

We’re all literally watching DeSantis take down the republic within the State of FL. At some point it will be obvious what’s going on there to the rest of the nation.

In typical Republican doublespeak, being inclusive is the real discrimination.

“The South Will Rise Again” as granny would say in the Beverly Hillbillies. I always thought that was funny growing up….not so much anymore! White supremacy coupled with christofascism, is alive and growing in America.


Extremists get power as individuals and organizations cave into their bulling. The bully gets stronger and stronger as each individual and organizations cave into their demands and the nation winds up with Trump and then DeSantis as POTUS.

I hear the term woke way more from conservatives than progressives.

Have never understood “woke” as the term these Nazis use to demonize progressives.

To be “awakened” — as in “I woke up” — is a bad thing to them?

To be “aware” is a bad thing?

It is a meaningless term conservatives use to attack and avoid having to make excuses for their insipid racism.

re the “woke goes to die” tweet .. My response:

“Nah, Floriduh is were uneducated neanderthals go for vacation, Christian Nation Indoctrination a la Kim il Jung, and MAGAts wait to die, before eternity takes them to the deepest regions of Satan’s Hell.”

Maybe the NHL needs to pull the hockey summit and All Stars Weekend out of Fort Lauderdale and move it to another location. I know it’s probably too soon at this point with all the planning involved, but I would imagine there are an awful lot of less awful places that would love to host such an event. Can they at least decide they won’t have anything to do with Florida outside of Tampa Bay Lightning or Florida Panthers games? And then make sure everyone knows DeSantis is the reason why?
Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

Republicans know Indoctrination beter then anyone. Freedom not so much.


So they’re basically saying this:

Diversity job fairs are harmful to Incels because they might make them feel bad about being white.

We’re fully opposed cancel culture but have no problem cancelling things we don’t agree with.

Hockey lover here. The NHL has been pretty good (for a sports league) on DEI. I was extremely disappointed that they chose Florida for the All-Star game, for reasons just like this. Everything is a political opportunity for DeSantis, and they walked (skated) right into his trap.

They should have canceled the whole thing and moved to another state.

DeSantis and company are already doing victory laps over this.

It’s becoming very clear that, for the right, “woke” means anything they don’t like, which usually means anything liberals like. I recently saw a video in which a stick-in-the-mud old Brit called Harry and Meghan woke. What does that mean, besides the fact that he just doesn’t like them?

Like when that idiot demanded all Florida universities report “woke actions.” What the fuck is a “woke action”? A protest for women’s rights on campus? A meet-and-greet for LGBTQIA+ students? A right-wing creep’s roommate who dares muse aloud that we maybe shouldn’t be murdering the environment?

“Woke” is the new “politically correct.”

DeSantis forces the NHL to cancel a diversity job fair? But I thought Republicans hate cancel culture. I’m so confused …



Students protest Pride flag ban at Massachusetts high school

The young people of today don’t want to live in the 1950s.  The adults trying to force that need to understand they cannot keep the country locked in a static bubble of out of date social morality.  That is the way of the Taliban, that is the way of vice police.  The US needs to join the rest of the developed advanced nations and embrace diversity and LGBTQ+ people.  This is the fascist right view that if they can ban the opposition symbols it is easier to ban the opposition.   Notice the teachers that refused to ignore the rights of gay students were threatened with more punishment.  Teachers were told not to tell the students about the policy because that is how the authoritarians work, hide the attacks on minorities.  There is no neutral in civil rights.    One side wants to deny them and the other side is people who want their equality.     The idea that one side gets to deny others their space to stay comfortable is wrong and not acceptable.    I just posted how a 13 year old boy in France felt so threatened and had no safe space at school he killed himself.   Stop the bigotry.    Hugs

Progress pride flag (new design of rainbow flag) waving in the air with blue sky, LGBTQ community in Netherlands
Photo: Shutterstock

A high school in Stoughton, Massachusetts was the site of a protest Tuesday night over the school’s ban on what it calls “political” flags and posters in classrooms.

The action was organized by Stoughton High School senior Olivia Tran, who was suspended last week for leading a student demonstration against the policy during class hours. Tran draped a large Pride flag outside the school’s administration office in that protest and the group refused to return to class.

Tuesday’s demonstration took place in and outside a previously scheduled school committee meeting, where Tran encouraged students and residents of the school district to “advocate for the disenfranchised.”

School Superintendent Thomas Raab instituted the speech policy in September, when he informed teachers that classrooms were to be considered “neutral” spaces. Flags with “political” messages, including Pride and Black Lives Matter flags, would be banned, and teachers who failed to comply would be subject to “disciplinary action.”

Three teachers at the school initially balked at the request and were called to the principal’s office, according to local news outlet The Enterprise. After receiving a letter threatening “further disciplinary action,” each complied.

The ban originally applied only to flags. Now all material deemed “political” is forbidden.

Teachers were advised not to discuss the policy with students, according to staff, who spoke anonymously for fear of reprisal.

Dozens of students and parents turned out for the demonstration and meeting.

Superintendent Raab addressed the group before public comment.

“It is important to have allies at school,” he said. “We have a fully trained, educated staff and we have provided teachers with lanyards and progressive ally stickers.”

“But we must keep classrooms neutral,” he said. “We can’t pick and choose which flags are appropriate or not.”

While committee members generally agreed with the superintendent’s policy, they faulted Raab for a lack of communication.

“Thank you for acknowledging the community’s concerns and for being a part of discussions with us,” committee chair Sandra Groppi told Raab. “It is important, when implementing new policies, to do things slowly and take everything into consideration.”

Vice-chair Katie Pina-Enokian added: “This community is very strong, so it would’ve been important to discuss before.”

Public comment included a rabbi who cited Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests as reasons to ban political speech in classrooms and a local parent who advocated for the American flag: “It’s for everyone.”

Olivia Tran, who spoke with her mother by her side, was cheered on by fellow students.

“I am bisexual, and I am an Asian American girl,” Tran said.

“There is no ‘neutral.’ Give us the justice we deserve.”


13-year-old boy died by suicide after homophobic bullying at school

This was in France, but it is what the republicans and the right want here in the US for gay or trans kids.   I admire the bravery of this child to try to stand up to the abuse as long as he could.   I hate that adults cannot seem to understand how these bullying attacks and insults eat deep into children.   The leadership in Florida seems to want to make this a common thing, drive the gay kids underground, make the too scared to be openly gay.   But while some gay kids can pass others can’t.  Some kids just cannot act in a way society says is straight, and they never should have to do so.  They should be allowed to be who they are.   Hugs

LucasPhoto: Family photo

A 13-year-old boy in France named Lucas died by suicide last Saturday, January 7 after facing anti-LGBTQ+ bullying at school. People close to his family say that the school did little to stop the bullying.

The student at the Louis Armand de Golbey middle school in the Vosges department was out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the French magazine Têtu reports.

“He was constantly harassed for the way he dressed, his mannerisms, his presence,” said Stéphanie, a family friend. “He didn’t hide himself and that bothered some people.”

She said Lucas was “always pleasant, caring, spontaneous, full of dreams and a life.”

Psychological help has been made available for students and teachers at the middle school who need it.

“There’s really a lot of emotion from adults who didn’t see anything, didn’t see that Lucas wasn’t doing well recently,” said Valérie Dautresme in a radio interview. She’s the academic services director for the National Education system in the Vosges department.

Dautresme said that Lucas and his mother reported homophobic insults since the start of the school year in September at a parent-teacher meeting.

“For us at this point, the situation had been resolved,” she claimed. “Lucas said that things were working themselves out and that he was no longer being insulted at school.”

Stéphanie contradicted Dautresme’s claim that the matter had been “resolved” and said that Lucas complained “again and again and again. His mother asked for help several times. The school, where he spent three-quarters of his time, didn’t react.”

She said that the family is going to file a formal complaint. The family’s lawyer, Catherine Faivre, said, “There is a whole chain of people with responsibilities who can be investigated and spoken with if, in effect, the elements of an infraction can be constituted.”

Louis Armand de Golbey middle school has been taking part in a national program to fight bullying in schools under the direction of National Education and Youth of France Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer. Staff members were to be trained in how to spot bullying and in a protocol on what to do if someone faces bullying.

fundraiser was opened online to help the family that raised 7554 € ($8200). Lucas’s funeral is planned for Saturday, January 14. A vigil is being planned but the date has not yet been announced.

Editor’s note: This article mentions suicide. If you need to talk to someone now, call the Trans Lifeline at 1-877-565-8860. It’s staffed by trans people, for trans people. The Trevor Project provides a safe, judgement-free place to talk for LGBTQ youth at 1-866-488-7386. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.


Do Straight Men Enjoy Gay Sex? – Dr Joe Kort

In this episode we chat with sexologist, author, social worker Dr Joe Kort about male sexuality and sex. We discuss – Gay sex – What is sexual fluidity? – What does non-binary mean? – Porn, good or bad? – The problem of men, sex & shame – Homosexual attractions in straight men – What does it mean to be gay & bi – What is sex therapy?

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