Drag has been around in entertainment and society forever


It’s part of our American culture.
Why does he hate America so much?


I’m glad you posted those clips. Are evangelicals going to ban all cartoons from that era? How about all movies that have even one character in drag? How would that even work?

How do they define “adult cabaret?” And how is it different that regular cabaret? Also, I have yet to hear a convincing explanation of how a drag performance is inherently harmful to anyone.

Creeping ever closer to Gilead. Between this and the “don’t dare to bare” ladies shoulders thing in FL, it’s coming faster than we might think.

Margaret thatcher thought that by prohibiting teachers discussing homosexuality in schools would prevent kids turning out gay.
She was a fucking fool.
This new fascist trend in the US part of America is equally stupid.
Behind the anti-drag is homophobia, and behind that is evangelical bigotry.

What happened to free speech? Reading a story about a princess to children is punishable up to $20k and a prison sentence?

Only conservatives’ free speech rights count. Kind of like how only brown people can be terrorists.


I think we need to go back the Civil Rights tactics: “Fill the jails!” MASS drag shows, by thousands and thousands!

Was thinking the same thing. This being Oklahoma, however, they’d just view that as a lucky excuse to build more prisons (concentration camps).

I do fear for the safety of these people though. These lunatics have demonstrated that they are willing and able to harm and/or stir up mentally unstable followers of theirs to inflict harm (see that LibsOfTikTok hag). A drag queen friend of mine who has done drag queen story times recently told a group of our friends in a group chat that she gets several anonymous death threats per day via email or social media.

Never forget that evangelicals – who are directly responsible for this proposal – literally worship a genocidal deity. No wonder their entire lives are dedicated to violence and delusion.

I suppose some of these dorks actually think that preventing their kids from seeing drag will somehow prevent them from “becoming” gay, but I think the majority of them are just cruel miserable assholes who want to suck all the joy out of existence to punish all the people who never loved them. That and the grift of course.

Yup. I never saw a drag show as a kid, and I still like guys. But I felt very alone as a kid

True, that. But I also think that many of them are religionists who HATE anyone who doens’t conform to gender expectations. It’s one of the reasons they hate gay men, because they think we are acting like women, especially in the sex department.

So, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis, Flip Wilson, Dustin Hoffman, and a large number of other male actors who have appeared in women’s clothing, will they be arrested if kids in Oklahoma watch their films?


A felony to perform drag !
What happened American freedom?
Has America gone back to the Elizabethan age where they shut down theatres when there was a performance that they didn’t like?

In the Elizabethan Age, all roles were played by men, women were not allowed on stage. Everything was a drag show, but then as RuPaul says, “We are born naked and everything else is drag.”

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At the strip clubs





I don’t care if it rains or freezes as long as I have my plastic jesus….

You would think that god would know the difference, since he “created” them.

Every fundamentalist evangelical Christian knows that the bible written in parts roughly 2,500 years ago and often mistranslated is the height of scientific knowledge, social understanding, medical practice, and moral advancement.  They demand we live by ideas of people who thought that striped sticks seen while having sex determined the offspring and who had no idea of germs or the need to wash one’s hands.  Yes the peak of humanities growth those people were, and nothing learned since then should be followed.   According to them.     Hugs


Religion is proof that we still aren’t using our brains to their full potential.




Good grief.





There is active indoctrination from the right by the right



Democrats encourage voting, expand rights.

Republicans want guns, encourage fascism.

Both parties are not the same. #VoteBlue



Vote for the adults in Congress. #VoteBlue


After the midterm, let’s put this moron on the stand, indict him, and try him.

No more delays.


Republicans have zero desire to lower inflation or even explain any of the policies they would use. They just vote against everything.


Dehumanizing is the root of authoritarianism.


New York Republicans like Lee Zeldin offer no solutions and repeat myths about crime.

Vote for Kathy Hochul. #VoteBlue


Republicans want to study white supremacy.



If you want more crime with no solution/ideas for lowering the numbers, vote for failed GOP.

Follow @LiberalsAreCool



Young Democrats, we need you! Keep up this amazing turnout.

Make this country your country. #VotingMatters

Some religious memes I found this morning Hugs

Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You – Series 02 Episode 06

Randy sent this to me and I agree with him it should be posted.   He clipped it at the 10:14 minute mark so I could see how the game is played and hear some of the jokes.   I did enjoy it.  I suggest you go back to 10:14 and start there to enjoy the fun.   But for those who don’t care for videos or are short on time I clipped it closer to the important parts that I want to share.    Starting at 14 minute mark and watch until you get to 16:40 which is the few minutes I most want to share.    After you watch it please comment and we will have a discussion on it.   Hugs