As president, DeSantis said he would ‘destroy leftism’ and ‘woke ideology’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is set to have his first campaign event Monday in Iowa, and during a weekend interview, he said as president he would ‘destroy leftism’ and ‘woke ideology’. The Morning Joe panel discusses DeSantis’ remarks and how they play to a small audience.

Why DeSantis’ threat to ‘destroy leftism’ is so dangerous | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Governor Ron DeSantis says he will “destroy leftism” if he’s elected president. But he’s far from the only right-wing figure using violent political rhetoric. Mehdi explains why it’s so dangerous and past time we take the right’s language seriously.

Demented Republican Interrogates 14-Year-Old Trans Kid

Missouri State Senator Elaine Gannon asks incredibly invasive questions about trans teenager Avery Jackson’s body at a Missouri State Senate Committee hearing: “Are you going to go through the procedure?” Gannon asks the child, Avery Jackson, seemingly referring to gender-affirming surgery, as the audience groans.

Let’s talk about the ruling in Tennessee….

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Moms For Liberty Harasses Florida High School Into Reprinting Yearbook Without Pages On LGBTQ Students

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Please note the open bigotry and privilege.   Also note these are a very small group of bigoted religious parents.   Let the kids be kids doesn’t apply to the gay or other LGBTQ+ kids.    These people find anything offensive that is not just as they are, feel, or want things.   They want all their kids to celebrate their school years, but not the gay, trans, or the other LGBTQ+ kids to have that privilege.   Notice these kids are teenagers, the woman is complaining that seeing LGBTQ+ other students and information was sexualizing a 14-year-old.   Trust me, by 14 a kid knows their gender, their sexuality, and even how to masturbate.    This strange idea that kids don’t have feelings, desire, or even that touching themselves feels good until the magic moment they turn 18 when suddenly all those things happen and become real.   That is incredibly stupid, that schools even through the senior year can not mention anything dealing with gender or sexual orientation unless it is straight heterosexual 1950s gender stereotypical norms.   Hello every teen has a smart phone, and access to smart TV’s, game consoles that browse the internet, along with computers.   Get freaken real people.   This really is about not letting the LGBTQ+ people be normalized, that is why these groups want to remove the media with gay or trans characters or have LGBTQ+ information.    Yet they do want the anti-gay stuff pushed hard.   These bans make it so there can be no programs stopping bullying, no safe places for kids that are not cis or straight to feel welcome.   It is driving the LGBTQ+ people in the US to the same place the Jewish people were in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.   Hugs


The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Seminole County Public Schools is offering to reprint this year’s Lyman High School yearbook and remove two pages for parents upset about LGBTQ+ content, prompting criticism that the district isn’t standing up to bigotry. The pages highlight the school’s LGBTQ+ community and provide definitions of terms such as genderfluid and pansexual. A few parents and students found those pages “inappropriate,” and now the district is offering refunds or reprinted yearbooks with the pages in question removed.

Jessica Tillmann, chapter chair of the Seminole County Moms for Liberty, said she is concerned about the definitions in the yearbook because she thinks they are teaching children about sex outside the state-approved standards that parents can choose to opt their children out of. “They shouldn’t have any sexual definitions in a yearbook,” she said. “This is a yearbook that goes to every student as young as 14.”

Click Orlando reports:

Sharmon Craft [screenshot above] was among the parents who believe the page is inappropriate. “This gender ideology crap has parents in an uproar because it’s disgusting and wrong for an adult to sexualize a minor,” Craft said on Facebook.

“The district superintendent is ordering the school to give full refunds or have the books reprinted without the glossary of perverse sexual attractions and pronouns.” District officials said they have received four complaints from parents so far.

Danielle Pomeranz, the high school’s former yearbook advisor, argued against the decision. “We think that it’s important that our book remains inclusive and represents all of the students at Lyman High School,” Pomeranz said.


STFU. If you’re such a snowflake, tear the two pages out yourself. I’m sick of a couple of people dictating to the rest of the schools.

100% correct!! Why do they kowtow to idiots??

manufactured drama to needlessly excite others as they push their astro-turf nonsense.

And yet schools and other places kowtow to these idiots with their reactionary agenda. It makes me sick!

14 year olds know that gay people exist.

14 year olds often already know if they are gay or straight or even fluid, I sure did.

I always knew I wasn’t like the other boys. 14 was when I figured out what that difference was.

I knew long before I was 14

I wasn’t out in public until I was 24, but I was out to myself at 14.


14 was my age the first time I was able to look my reflection in the eyes and say, “I am a homosexual” out loud. It was strange to hear myself say it, but it felt so true and freeing.

Same age here, but for me it was as I was cumming while thinking of the guys in the locker room at school

I almost find it funny that these Moms for Liberty morons think that their children are innocent and pure and know nothing about sex. Do they not know the kids have access to the internet and have cell phones? Those women live in a Christian bubble.

Don’t tell them. ‘Christian’ parents have a tendency to install crappy blocking software on their kids’ phones that ostensibly block porn, but actually block anything a crazy religious parent might object to, like age-appropriate information that teens absolutely should have access to.

14 year olds with phones know a lot of things.

Hence the enthusiasm for purging all mention of them everywhere. As homophobe lawyer Matt Staver said recently, if Christian kids get to know gays, they’ll get the outrageous idea they’re not monsters in human form.



And not to mention no-one is sexualising anyone in this yearbook, just defining some terms.

We have to fight back against their characterisation of anything that even mentions LGBT people’s existence as being “sexual”. ‘Heather has two mommies’ is not sexual, and not inappropriate in the slightest for elementary students.

Also yet more infantilisation of teens: “OMG, kids as young as 14 will read this!” 14 years olds know about sex, and we should give them correct information, not religious scare stories.

Rule 1: White kids are innocent babes until at least age 30.
Rule 2: Black and Latino kids are fully adult hyper-sexual beings by age 10.

…and they don’t blink an eye at the outfits of the cheerleaders or the pictures of prom, both strongly “sexualizing.”



I was a transgender child.

This is the terrifying person the maga right conservatives want to erase and claim is a threat to society.   This is a really informative video by a young man who describes the steps it took to get what he needed to be the person he really was.   This person’s lived experience put to lie all the myths the anti-trans people claim are happening, like mass pushing kids to be trans, no medical checks, and just rushing kids to sex changes.  It amazes me that in 2023 we still have throwbacks to dark ages in understandings of biology and social development.  Notice this boy knew his gender was wrong most of his early childhood and even at 9 years old he knew he was not a girl but should grow up to be a guy, but it became a serious issue for him at 12 years old.   Puberty time.  This is the same period of time the maga religious right wants to claim kids don’t know anything about gender or sexual attraction.  And even though this boy did not have teachers telling him about pronouns or gender expression, he still realized he was not his assigned sex / gender.  He talks about gender conversion, gender dysphoria, and the misinformation about trans kids / people.     His story is interesting.   It also is very informative and destroys a lot of the trans haters talking points, even to the point of no harm and many benefits of letting kids socially transition.    Well worth watching.    Hugs

Vaush Debates Transphobe that Compares Trans People to Nazis

In a calm and rational manner, Vaush explains the truth of trans people to a guy questioning if trans is even a thing.    Vaush explains where the guy’s misinformation is wrong and guides him to seeing the where his assumptions are wrong about gender VR sex.   If your hang up on trans people is the issue / question of sex / gender, Vaush explains that wonderfully.   He really does it in a way easy for even Dildeb could understand.    Hugs

Let’s talk about Chick Fil A going woke….

As he says woke is just a code word, a dog whistle for what ever group the republican religious conservatives chose to target.  Listen up, which group will they target next.   Hugs

DEMOCRATS vs REPUBLICANS! Let’s Compare & Contrast | Christopher Titus | Armageddon Update

Seriously informative on the bullshit of the republicans.   Hugs