Why I Do This

Online warriors for truth

Candorville Comic Strip for May 14, 2021

Back when I was feeling well, nearly a year ago, this was how I thought of my mission online.   Then I got sick with a horrible fatigue and brain fog and even making a post seemed a task too hard.   Now finally I am feeling better again.    The question is do I still have the drive, energy, and desire to take on idiocy, the mistaken, the deliberately misinformed.  

Then I realized that yes I need to do it, to push back against the maga crowd, the religious right, and the right wing media, as do we all  best we can.  If we can reach some that is great, if we can influence those reading along grand, but if we don’t it will only be the lies and misinformation out there in media land, and our voices will have been silenced.    Thanks for following, thanks for adding your voice, thanks for the encouragement.  Our voice is stronger together.    Hugs