VIRAL VIDEO: Canadian Anti-Vax Woman Fined $2300 After Screaming Slurs At Female High School Students

Vancouver City News reports:

School board Chair Rob Zandee says Osoyoos Secondary School and South Okanagan Secondary School in Oliver were targeted by protesters opposing vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions Friday as students were leaving for the weekend.

“I have a fucking right to be in this country, do you?” a woman screams at a young woman of colour. “Are you telling me to go back home?” the student replies.

Later in the video, the woman screams a sexist slur [JMG: “cunt”] at that same student. “You’re literally arguing with children,” someone else can be heard yelling as the woman walks away.

The CBC reports:

Grade 11 student Kai Allen says she and her classmates became aware of the protests around 2:15 p.m. PT, when the convoy, consisting of cars and trucks decorated with flags and anti-mandate slogans, arrived outside.

Allen says several students approached the protesters to find out why they were there, and the conversation turned into an argument about public safety measures.

A woman identified by RCMP as Silke Schulze of Oliver, B.C., can be seen leaning toward the student and yelling. According to RCMP, Schulze has been fined $2,300 under the Access to Services COVID-19 Vaccination Act.

The clip below has gone viral on TikTok.

5 thoughts on “VIRAL VIDEO: Canadian Anti-Vax Woman Fined $2300 After Screaming Slurs At Female High School Students

    1. Hello Carmen. It seems she was. But Carmen it was good it was in Canada, because in the US she wouldn’t have gotten any punishment. Unless she touched the kid she was free to yell as many insults as she wanted. It has become horrible in the US as far as these aggressive people demanding their freedom to make you live by their crazy. They feel they have all the rights with none of the responsibilities. Plus no one else has a say, just them. In their mind a business owner can refuse to serve gay people, require shirts / shoes, but not refuse to serve them and not require them to wear a mask. It boggles my mind. There is no longer civil discourse, no longer a discussion. It is the loudest most thuggish person is the person who is right now.

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    1. Hello Polly. You are correct in that the forces behind the right wing that gets power from chaos and angry upset people do want to spread that in Canada as they have in the US. There are more than foreign state actors such as Russian and Israel that want the US and other countries in constant disarray. Drug dealers, anti-government forces, and wealthy individuals that want an authoritarian government that will give them what they want, or a weak government they can control works for them as well. The one thing they hate are governments strong enough to stand up to the wealthy that works for the people. So yes Canada shows the people in the US how a government can work for the people, can give universal health, can lower drug prices, can give the people more rights and a higher standard of living. But that removes the control from wealthy large corporations and gives it to the public. So a lot of money is dumped into changing that. The thing Polly is you see that, but most of the people in the US and some in Canada don’t. They have drank the Kool-Aid. You know what those people are like on the forums and chats. They are rabid. So we just have to fight back as best we can. Best wishes.

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