Florida Lawmakers Fail To Enact Condo Safety Reforms

NBC News reports:

Negotiations between the Florida Senate and House of Representatives, both controlled by Republicans, broke down, with the two sides unable to agree on a bill that would require inspections of aging condo buildings and mandate that condo boards conduct studies to determine how much they need to set aside for repairs. The talks were undone by a disagreement over how much flexibility to give condo owners in the funding of those reserves.

Read the full article. Florida Republicans managed to find the time to create new laws attacking LGBTQs, voting rights, women, and educators, but “ran out of time” to stop fatal building collapses.


5 thoughts on “Florida Lawmakers Fail To Enact Condo Safety Reforms

    1. Hello Ten Bears. 😀😁😄😏 The rules on building a new home in our area is because the flood plane is so much higher than the land here means you have to build up the ground the home will sit on by about four feet. If you enclose a carport or other ground level enclosure you have to put the electric outlets four feet off the ground. When we moved to the West Coast of Florida from the East Coast we decided to only buy a home we could either rebuild on our own or walk away from because of the hurricane / flooding issues where we wanted to be.

      But even more of a problem is when we moved to Florida in 1994 Florida was a Democratic stronghold with Democratic congress people and a Democratic state government / Governor. It was really coming along under Lawton Chiles. Then Jeb Bush got in office and the entire state started a power dive to hell. I am not sure it is possible to pull it back into reality or sanity at this point. Far too many New York and Mid-West conservative Republicans moved here, too many radically religious moved in and started breeding more highly religious, and too many assholes who think the more belligerent thug a politician is the better they are. Maybe it should wash away.

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    If we look at politics and government as a car on the highway…

    To argue about destination…. No problem.
    To argue about direction and methodology… No problem.
    To argue about driver…. No problem.
    To slam the car into park, demand that “I” am the only one who can drive it while refusing to do so, stop up traffic and yet demand that the limousines be allowed to pass without restraint, and to then go home and refuse to drive….
    Well, that seems to be the government we have now.

    It amazes me how the most inane and stupid legislation seems to find an easy pass, but to expect the key holders of the country to demand that the damned buildings don’t fall down around the residents in the middle of the night is just way too much to handle.

    I once read a line on the joke ” how many congressmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” and the answer being “We have decided to table this and refuse to recognize the sunset for 3 months while this goes to committee for riders”.

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    1. Hello Randy. Great way to sum up the situation. Randy I watched someone describe tRump followers as loving the more over the top belligerence and aggression toward any questioning or push back. The tRump followers don’t care about policy, they want the style. They want that show of the super tough guy who never has to back down and can give crap to anyone and get away with it with no consequences.
      See in their lives they have to follow the rules, which they hate, and if they treat co-workers as they want to they get fired or have to go to retraining. So this morning I watched DeathSantis get asked a question on the don’t say gay bill and instead of answering like an adult he attacked the reporter like he was a WWE wrestler challenging an opponent to a match. I was stunned, as DeathSantis lied when he got around to what he claimed the bill did. It was on John Oliver’s show. But the fact is that DeathSantis is the # 2 listed Republican behind tRump. So it is no longer about policy, no longer about what the politicians can do to make people’s lives better. These people don’t think the system can ever work for them, they run on emotion, they believe the trash crap on the misleading rightwing media, so they want their politicians to act with the anger they feel and be assholes like they want to be as long as those politicians are taking it out on the same people these cult lowest common denominators hate as well. In other words, as one tRump cultist said, “They are not hurting the ones they are supposed to be hurting”.

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