Right Wingers Distract From Stripping Women Of Their Rights

After the Supreme Court’s draft overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked to Politico, conservatives immediately jumped on the opportunity to focus on how and who leaked the draft to distract from women losing a fundamental right. Anti-abortion groups and mainstream media outlets also hopped on the trend and even floated baseless conspiracy theories and misinformation that a clerk from a liberal justice leaked the document.

“Almost as soon as Politico published its explosive story on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion, which strongly suggests the court is about to overturn Roe v. Wade, conservatives responded by focusing not on the content of the news, but how it was obtained. Online Monday night, there were nearly immediate calls to find and punish the leaker. In a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell insistently told reporters that the prospect of recriminalizing abortion was “not the story for today,” but rather the supposedly dangerous precedent of the leak. Also on Tuesday afternoon, Operation Rescue, the notorious anti-abortion activist group responsible for some of the movement’s most outrageous tactics, joined the fray, issuing a press release declaring that the leak had most likely come from the office of Justice Sonia Sotomayor. That claim traced back to pretty thin sourcing: a Twitter thread posted by a Republican political strategist who, about an hour after Politico published its story Monday night, suggested he’d solved the mystery: One of Sotomayor’s staffers had joined hundreds of classmates in opposing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and, at an earlier point, had been quoted in Politico regarding a case on which he’d assisted. “

8 thoughts on “Right Wingers Distract From Stripping Women Of Their Rights

  1. Divert … divert … divert. Sure, they don’t like that the info came out ahead of time, but it’s the SUBJECT of the info that they would have preferred to keep under wraps because they KNEW the uproar it was going to cause.

    Added note re: something I read on NewScientist.com:

    Research shows that making abortion illegal doesn’t reduce the number of abortions performed. In fact, countries with more restrictive laws actually have higher abortion rates than countries where abortion is widely available, according to a 2009 study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. What laws that restrict abortion do instead is substantially increase the risk of death for the people who receive them. The same study reported that abortion-related deaths are 34 times higher in countries with restrictive abortion laws.

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      1. Hello Nan. Men don’t have anything to do with pregnancy. The only people who think that are the ones that get sexual education. Some parents tell kids kissing leads to the stork coming. Class over. Don’t do anything, especially if it feel good. End of lesson.

        Why don’t the religious right wing / Republicans want kids educated on sex and their bodies? In some southern states the right has fought attempts to teach kid their body belongs to them and others do not have a right to use it, not even mom and dad. Yes that was one reason the right shot down an attempt to teach kids to report abuse was because it did not emphasize those parents were always right and should always be obeyed. That those parents might be the very abusers the class was trying to prevent was ignored by the religious groups opposed to the classes. Why?

        That same religious right / Republican groups shot down attempts to raise the marriage age? Why. Girls as young as 12 could legally marry an adult with the OK from the parent or guardian. Why? Maybe because Mother Marry was said to be about that age …

        But I agree with you. Men get a pass from the entire thing. I posted about that. If men have sex out side the marriage it is OK, they need the relief which insinuates that the woman at home is not doing her duty to satisfy him. Her needs don’t count. Teen boys are expected to sow their oats in their teen years, screwing everything they could talk / force into it that did not run away. Girls on the other hand were to never do that thing and stay pure. After all they did not have needs or want sex / relief. Silly and stupid. They also were property of their father, so he wanted his boys to ruin the other father’s girls / property so his girl was worth more and could get a better marriage.

        Never in all of this is responsibility ever directed at men / boys. Always the girls who in most cases have less power to say no and are not able to stop an unwanted sexual advance. The men who force unwanted sex on the women got what they wanted so who cares. Plus it is a white Christian male run world so men are right and women are only sub human servants with no wants feelings, needs of their own and their value is in how good they are for the boss.

        Long way of saying you have a great point Nan. What changes would you implement into these laws? Democrats in Florida tried and were laughed at. Things like making men responsible for childcare / medical costs of the pregnant person from the cut off of abortion point. At what ever week they outlawed abortion the man picked up the costs. Sorry it was not even given a hearing. Let all the costs and responsibility fall on the one least able to handle it. Just like the wealthy do with the government costs, put them on the lowest incomes and the poor.

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    1. Hello Nan. I have tried several times yesterday to reply. I just couldn’t do it. For several reasons but one was I cannot get the images out of my head of bleeding dying pregnant people, threatened by the legal system as they fight for life. Abortion is one of those things that making it illegal simply makes the safe verion impossible to get. And entire black market criminal element will take over the procedures in an unsafe harmful manner. It has happened with every banned thing people felt a need for.

      Banning something doesn’t make it go away, it just drives it underground.
      Out of sight. People needing to get rid of that zygote are going to do the unthinkable and come to great harm and death. This is not a choice for the people doing it, it is a requirement. That is where everyone got the slogans wrong, the idea that it is a choice. I was listening to a woman who was lied to by one of these religious based crisis clinics until it was too late for an abortion. She already had two kids and knew she couldn’t afford another one. She also knew that she couldn’t give her child away. A year later she was homeless, and the kids were taken by the state. Rather than help her with childcare so she could work and get her aid programs to help her situation out, the state punished her by taking away her children that she was working hard to provide for.

      How is that pro-life? The very people who talked a good game and forced her to birth a child she knew she would struggle to provide for, disappeared after the baby couldn’t be aborted. Pro-life my ass. A choice my ass!

      Sorry again I think of the harm. First to the ones getting / doing unsafe dangerous attempts to abort, to the families destroyed afterwards. And another generation of unwanted kids. And with the Republicans destroying education the cycle of low income unwanted kids growing up angry and in a lot of cases broken to find comfort in mind altering substances, illegal activities, with out means to get the assistance to fix the problems society has created in their life. Early death. And the cycle continues. And a mother cried as the old song goes.

      This song I heard a lot growing up. I look back and wonder why?

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  2. HA! You changed your theme again …

    I read on FB about a woman who was told her unborn child could not survive outside the womb due to a physical anomaly … and if she continued to carry it, it would kill HER! Based on some of the arcane laws that Republicans in some states have enacted, both she and the baby would die. But who cares … right? More important to stand by your “principles.”

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    1. Hello Nan. I played with the colors. I wanted the links to stand out but more important I wanted the quotes to be darker instead of the light color they are. I have to manually highlight and change the color to black. But there is no way to do it. I really like this theme but may change it. It does everything I want except for the quote font color.

      Yes a lot of women will die, but they don’t care. I have listened to a bunch of lawyers take the ruling apart to say how Alito is gaslighting the public and that his written ruling has no basis in law or fact. He had to go back to a 1600 dissertation by some guy who claimed it is a crime if the unborn dies. The US is not ruled by church laws or laws created in the 1600s.

      And if you needed further proof that Alito is pure evil and wants to take the U.S. back to a time when women’s bodies were property for men to control, know that one of the people he cited in his opinion was an English jurist who defended marital rape and had women executed for “witchcraft.”

      Yes, Alito literally quoted this guy, who was born in 1609, as a defense for ending Roe v. Wade in 2022. “Two treatises by Sir Matthew Hale,” Alito enthusiastically writes, “described abortion of a quick child who died in the womb as a ‘great crime’ and a ‘great misprision.’ See M. Hale, Pleas of the Crown.” As Jezebel notes, The History of the Pleas of the Crown “is a text that defended and laid the foundation for the marital rape exemption across the world” and reads: “For the husband cannot be guilty of a rape committed by himself upon his lawful wife for by their mutual matrimonial consent and contract the wife hath given up herself in this kind unto her husband which she cannot retract.” Again, Alito used the arguments of this man to bolster his case.


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