MTG Bought $92,000 Vehicle With Campaign Money

The Peach Pundit reports:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene used donors’ campaign contributions to buy herself a luxury vehicle worth over $92,000, FEC records show. The expenditure will prove controversial as the May 24 primary approaches, not just because of the expensive, swanky nature of the vehicle, but because Greene’s second biggest source of donations is retired Americans—meaning she effectively raided donors’ Social Security checks to buy a tricked-out vehicle from a Buick/GMC dealership. shows that Taylor Greene’s second biggest “industry” donating to her was “retired,” meaning senior citizens.

Read the full article. According to the above report, it appears the vehicle is a fully tricked-out 2022 GMC Yukon XL SUV. And the purchase is legal.

distributorcap • 2 hours ago

Not one of her voters will give a shit about this – as long as she continues to hate Democrats and trash everyone on the left (aka “own the libs”) – she can do anything she wants we that money

rickwla distributorcap • 2 hours ago

Yeap, as long as she hates the same folks they do, it’s all good.

GenXRated distributorcap • 2 hours ago

Republican voters would, by and large, live happily in a cardboard box as long as they knew you were suffering more.

safari • 2 hours ago

When I think down to earth, non-elites I think of a $92,000 SUV.

Cackalaquiano • 2 hours ago

“…Greene’s second biggest source of donations is retired Americans—meaning she effectively raided donors’ Social Security checks …”

Not. One. Ounce of sympathy for those retirees who gave her that money. I could not care less.

another_steve TexasBoy • 2 hours ago

Excellent point, TexasBoy. Excellent.

When retired people on Social Security send money to hucksters like, say, Franklin Graham or Tony Perkins, they’re helping feed one of the most malignant forces in America — rightwing fundamentalist religion.

Not to mention those hucksters’ personal mansions and the like.

TexasBoy • 3 hours ago • edited

What’s controversial about it? Seriously, ministers do this all the time, and they don’t stop at cars.

2 thoughts on “MTG Bought $92,000 Vehicle With Campaign Money

  1. I would venture to say the only ones that know about this are the people who frequent the internet. The average individual who donated to her “cause” most likely did so simply because they are Republican and are easily taken in by donation pleas. And, in essence, this is the sad part. As I’ve expressed before, the average voter has no clue.

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    1. Hello Nan. And what a politician can do with donations is subject to less regulation every year. It frustrates me that the rules that govern the corrupt actions get ignored more freely all the time and that the punishments are less enforced.

      But what does the right wing media talk about? Disney wants to join teachers to engage your children in gender swapping sex orgies and make all the children’s stories full of LGBTQ+ characters. Next those sick people will want to teach kids fairness and being nice. Yuck. Obama is coming to take your guns!

      What is the mainstream media full of? Everything large corporations want you to know that they can make money from. The war in Ukraine, how inflation is the government’s fault not businesses trying to make up for lost profit, and crime is way up and the only way to protect yourself is to buy more stuff from corporations. And so the average person has no clue. And I am at a loss right now how to reach them?

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