Marjorie Taylor Greene goes full lunatic, makes most DISGUSTING claim possible

4 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene goes full lunatic, makes most DISGUSTING claim possible

  1. Just as with most everything else that comes out of her (and others like her) mouth, the FACTS are ignored and the EMOTIONAL aspect is highlighted.

    P.S. I’m reading “The Republican Brain” at the moment … and so far, all that I suspected is spot-on.

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    1. Hello Nan. Because that is what appeals to the base. They give these speeches for the sound bites on Fox and other right wing media because their base enjoys that emotional high that they get from the rage, and the base will not fact check nor even care about the facts if shown. They are like junkies or drunks, they need that next fix. That is why the Republicans have to gerrymander and do voter suppression laws, because they do not appeal to anyone but their base. So they need safe districts and to keep the rest of the thinking people from voting. Hugs

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    1. Hello Keith. I understand your position, but to defeat the enemy you must know or understand what they are doing / saying. I hate reading the hate preachers and the slurs / slams against the LGBTQ+, but to combat them I must first know what they are saying. As Nan says the people she is trying to reach run on emotion, so the trolls like Marge Greene do everything they can to ratchet up the emotions of those people. Plus it makes it more likely she will be used as a sound bite on the rabid right wing media.

      The Republican party has both shrunk into itself and devolved to the lowest common denominator. But sadly that lowest common denominator rules in about a third of the US states, and in two of the most powerful electorally, Florida and Texas. That minority is loud, crud, willing to use violence and brags about it, has no sense of civil decency or discussion, and feels entitled to what they want regardless of anyone else’s needs or wants. When they conquer the liberals they hate they will turn on each other. Hugs

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