Liberal Redneck – Student Loan Forgiveness

Biden’s new student loan forgiveness program has upset a bunch of the right people, so let’s talk about it.

8 thoughts on “Liberal Redneck – Student Loan Forgiveness

    1. Hello Annie. I thought about commenting on your post. But I admit I don’t know enough about his work to be able to comment reasonably. I have read up on Bonobo’s and I like the little on their view of sex and equality I read, but again I don’t know enough to really add anything reasonable to the conversation. Good read though, and a lot to think about. Hugs

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        1. Hello Annie. Yes thank you, you were correct. I did find it interesting. I am glad you reminded me of it. I love reading science stuff and learning. I was just sad about my educational background on the monkeys and their actions did not let me give an informed opinion. I enjoyed the post, but I would have sounded like an idiot if I tried to give a reasoned response. Thanks again. Hugs


    1. Hello undergroundcartoonist. I prefer to think you are being sarcastic and making a point how the other party uses government to reward those they like who follow their orders to hurt others and our party that believes in equal treatment for all, and that government should work for the good of all the people. Hugs

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      1. The trump years and damage done are gonna require a few more years of healing for me. In a perfect world I would agree with you … “the government should work for the good of all the people”. Unfortunately this is not a perfect world…. maybe someday. Lincoln said “With malice toward none” in his second inaugural address March 4,1865. On April 14, 1865 he was struck down by an assassin’s bullet. I want so much to be nice but history teaches a different lesson. (Speak softly but carry a big stick.)

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