THE HILL: GOP blasts media over Herschel Walker stories

Typical entitled republican world view. If the want to do something it is great but they don’t give you the same choice. They tell you you can not do something that they feel it is okay for them to do
Update have running water but no power. Still using the generator and that beast has made a lot of difference for us. Got the torn up roof cut off and Ron and James are putting tarps up and over the roof. I did a week’s worth of dishes yesterday and this morning I couldn’t walk or stand. My pain was so bad my heart rate was in the 130s and I was having breathing difficulties. My blood pressure was dangerously high at 166 / 96 Ron had me take an extra metoprolol and an extra amlodipine. My heart rate has come down to the 100s and I can walk again with my cane and extra meds. On comments I am going to try to read them as soon as I can but I don’t think I can do much replying. Still trying to type things out on my phone and it may be a long time before I have any computer usage. Ron has an old laptop that I can use but we have no power or internet. Hugs for anyone. Scottie

GOP blasts media over Herschel Walker stories
Top Republicans and GOP groups are sticking by Herschel Walker’s Senate campaign in Georgia after a report emerged a day earlier saying that the GOP nominee paid for a girlfriend’s abortion in 2009.

Read in The Hill:

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