Herschel Walker: “We Need Gas-Guzzling Cars Cause We Got The Good Emissions Under Those Cars” [VIDEO]

“If we was ready for the green agenda, I’d raise my hand right now. But we’re not ready right now. So don’t let them fool you like this is a new agenda. This is not a new agenda.

“We’re not prepared. We’re not ready right now. What we need to do is keep having those gas-guzzling cars, ’cause we got the good emissions under those cars.

“We’re doing the best thing that we can. We need help. Those other people not helping us. China not helping us. India not helping us.” = Herschel Walker, campaigning yesterday in Peachtree City, Georgia.

The clip has 2.4 million views already.

TexasBoy • 31 minutes ago

Dimmer than a night light.

Friday • 31 minutes ago

“We need inefficient cars cause emissions are good!” –Christofascist brain damage.

Yeah, you need help, Herschel, but wasting more gas won’t be that help.

teeveedub • 32 minutes ago

The fact that there has to be a run-off against that pits Warnock against this moron does not speak well for the state of Georgia.

Mark • 29 minutes ago

The fact that this man is even close to winning speaks volumes about the people of Georgia.

Nic Peterson • 34 minutes ago

Gotta wonder who is coming up with this shit for him. It’s better than letting him just wander unscripted but sweet jesus are they looking to just stick with the stupid?

HZ81 • 31 minutes ago

Man, Tommy Tuberville is lucky. He’s just as dumb but white so the press barely noticed or cared.

They don’t care much about how unfit Herschel is now because “drama” but…

Til Tuesday • 35 minutes ago

We can mock his idiocy, but the problem is the people of Georgia. Look how many of them voted for him on the first go-round knowing full-well what an idiot he is. I mean, I’m hoping the sane people turn out for Warnock and get him re-elected, but it’s just plain scary how many people celebrate such idiocy.

20 thoughts on “Herschel Walker: “We Need Gas-Guzzling Cars Cause We Got The Good Emissions Under Those Cars” [VIDEO]

    1. Hello Nan. I think he always was an idiot, but he clearly now has serious mental health issues. He actually seems to have trouble determining reality. Unlike trump who makes claims about reality to try to change it to what he wants, I think Walker is delusional. He claims far too many things that just are not true that can easily be checked. The many businesses he claims to have started or owned, the many times he claims to have worked for the FBI and law enforcement, even the degrees and schools he went to are all made up. While trump is just a habitual liar, but Walker seems simply believes any thought that crosses his brain cells. Hugs

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      1. They’re bigoted, hate filled people who are blinded by their own hatred and ignorance. It is a sad statement on our species that so many of us can be so consumed with rage and hate we’ll literally vote people into office who want to do nothing more than take away our freedom and rights. Scary.

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    1. Hello Jill. He seems to have the idea that the voices in his head are telling him the truth? Shame the guy needs to be in a care facility, and you know that he will need constant handlers to keep him out of trouble until the republican party doesn’t need him to win power. Then they will dump him hard. Use and abuse seems to be the republican motto. Hugs

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      1. I’ve had to shift my views about Herschel after listening to readers’ opinions. Yes, it seems that he is the victim of maybe one hit too many on the head and seriously believes the things he says, but the GOP is exploiting him for their own purposes. They will toss him aside once he has served his purpose for them. Sigh. Politics, money, and power are all that matter to them. Hugs

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        1. Hello. It says that demonizing of the democrats by the republicans works. It shows if you can get right wing media to constantly say the worst things imaginable about the other side without ever letting up regardless of facts you can convince people that all democrats are raping babies and drinking their blood while Hillary Clinton wears their skin as accessories and masks. After all we know it works, the Nazi’s did it to the Jews, and made racial purity a virtue, the white supremacists did it with blacks including the Willie Horton ads used against Michael Dukakis. Right now, it is being done by the right wing office holders and media to the drag queens. Also to the LGBTQ+ kids in schools, most notably the gay and trans kids. What it says is hate works, it is motivating, it is driving, it is consuming, and it can override other emotions like kindness and empathy for others. Hug


          1. OK, Scottie, I know how you feel about the right wing and their hate towards the various segments of society … but I’m talking about Herschel.

            His rhetoric isn’t ALL based on hate and demonizing. Sometimes he just talks about STUPID stuff … and yet it seems to go right over the heads of his listeners. I find it truly. truly SAD that there are people who are so intent upon gaining political control that they use someone like him to accomplish their purpose.

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            1. Hello Nan. Go back and look at your comment and then my reply. It doesn’t matter what he says and that is the point. He can babble in tongues and as long as he has a R behind his name, he will get all the republican votes. It is tribal. All because the republicans have spent decades spewing hate and vitriol demonizing the democrats. The democrats are evil beings who want to change little Timmy’s gender and make your daughter have wanton sex so she can have an abortion. The democrats hate the constitution and want to take all your guns from you if you let them get into office, vote republicans to keep your guns and second amendment. The democrats want to replace all the white people with illegal brown people who are bring drugs and are raping your kids (damn those kids are sure getting a lot of sex) while they are stealing your jobs and yet are all living on government assistance making your taxes go up. Do you see my point. I actually know people who believe this stuff. Ask any republican gun owner if the democrats want the government to take their guns. So yes an idiot like Walker gets republican votes, and so would a dog in his place against a democrat if the dog had an R behind its name. Hugs


    1. Hello Keith. This is sad. He clearly has delusions and brain damage. He was probably always stupid and egotistical as a football player, but now he has mush for gray matter and he cannot see how bad off he is. That is the saddest part, when you watch him he thinks he is doing great, knocking the ball right out of the park. Hugs


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