Koris Story [Informational Video]

An incredible video.   One I hope no one ever has to make, and this young man is so brave to face his own death so well.  At 11 years old and to understand your body is shutting down and you are going into and fighting organ failure.  I know adults who do not face end of life with such dignity.   Warning the video deals with a child struggling to live since birth and the pain and hardships in that struggle.   Remember everyone who subscribed to his channel helped make his end of life wish come true.  He also has been getting stuff off a wish list he has and the amazing thing is he asked for things for other sick kids and for the hospital where he was treated.   Please click the link to go to YouTube and watch the video, his fight is not over yet.   Hugs

A very real video about Koris journey. Viewer discretion is advised.

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