One Scoop, Two Scoops, Three Scoops, Vlad Scoops



The White House may not admit it, but you know you kinda messed up when you have to clarify the president’s statements the day after. The Trump White House had to do it on a near-daily basis. Remember when they had to tell us the president (sic) was NOT endorsing drinking bleach or cramming light bulbs up your ass to cure COVID? Good times.

But, yes. President Biden messed up. First, he shouldn’t have given a two-hour press conference. Anyone who speaks for two hours is gonna screw something up.

Republicans jumped on the speech before they knew what to gripe about. They always accuse Biden of being mentally impaired and that his speeches are incoherent rambles…but they must not be listening to the same speeches we are. It’s ridiculous to have to point out that Biden is clear and informed on the issues. Also, these people supported the guy…

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