5 thoughts on “Right-Wing Lunatics Are Dooming The Country

  1. I almost didn’t watch this because of the graphic that promotes the video (and the title of your post). However, I thought I’d give it a try … and was really impressed with what this gal had to say!

    I’ve often wondered if all these idiots that support (and vote for) tRump’s way of running the country will one day realize what a MESS they’ve gotten themselves into.

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    1. Did you catch the one cult woman who said if we had to have a dictator, she wanted it to be tRump? Some are so deluded; the others know exactly what a bigot tRump is. He will enforce the laws against those they dislike / hate and they like that.

      The interesting thing was the statistics on how the votes of the elected officials did not match the wants of the people. The people have lost control of the very people they vote to represent them. I just hope it is not too late


      1. Are we watching the same video??? There were only two quick cameos of Trump supporters at the beginning — both warning of “civil war.”

        I was much more interested in the comments of the guy (Norm Chomsky?) and her. Agreed with both.

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        1. Hello Nan. You are correct. I was thinking of another one I watched but now cannot find. I can find the clip of the woman saying she wanted tRump as dictator but I cannot find the news show it was on. Very frustrating. I thought it was CNN but I could not find it.

          Yes you are correct, I also agree with Chomsky. In fact I like that whole group at that YouTube channel. Infidel hates Chomsky with a passion and that caused him to stop speaking to me because I agreed with Chomsky that the Palestinian areas were an open air prison. For someone who claims not to not have any truck with religion he sure won’t tolerate anything negative said about the Jews or how they treat the Palestinians.

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