6 thoughts on “Claims self defense stand your ground because of popcorn

    1. Hello Nan. A man lost his life because another man felt entitled to tell him what to do and was surprised when the man pushed back on that. Typical police attitude. If the texting bothered him he should have moved. I hate this entitled attitude. I see everywhere that my wants and needs must be met above yours because I am a selfish prick. What happened to common curtesy and live and let live?

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  1. This is B.S.!!! Even if, as Reeves claims, he thought Oulson was “about to punch” him, that is no justification for shooting the man! And what ever happened to that ‘speedy trial’ thing? Eight damn years?!?! I hadn’t heard, or had forgotten, about this case, so thanks for bringing it to our attention … I’ll be following closely and I hope Reeves gets tossed into a cell for the short rest of his life!

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    1. Hello Jill. I think the prosecution felt he was a retired cop, he was older, and they wanted to drag it out so he wouldn’t have to start prison any sooner than he had to. He clearly is guilty so he will get jail time. The prosecution may have hoped he would die before they went to trial. In the meantime, the dead man’s wife must negotiate a life without her husband. The report did not tell me the age of the man shot and killed, but the wife and family have suffered for 8 years and now have that wound ripped open again. Really unfair and I blame the fact the killer was a retired police captain.

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      1. A cop, retired or active, only deserves respect when they earn it, and this dude obviously did NOT earn it! Sigh. Nice of them to have so much compassion for the killer, but not the family of the victim. From the photo, the victim and his wife looked to be in their 30s, but sometimes looks are deceiving and I am not a very good judge of age. Hugs

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