Worried About Inflation? Here’s How the Republicans Are Fighting It…

Hello Annie. A great post and the picture at the start really points out the Republicans refusal to do anything that might help the people of the country. As you point out, their main concern is not the public but the large corporations. For those Playtime viewers who do not yet know of Annie’s blog I strongly recommend checking it out. I enjoy the blog and the commentary.


Inflation is a legitimate concern of all Americans, and the Biden administration has been doing everything it can to bring it down.

The inflation stems from the pandemic, which has messed up supply chains and unleashed strong consumer spending that had been pent up during the previous few years. It’s also been fueled by the record high jobs figures that Republicans don’t want to talk about.

Although the Biden administration has a long-term plan to control inflation by increasing competition, that won’t help right now.

Enter the Fed. The Federal Reserve Bank is in a position to reduce inflation by increasing…

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