F For Putin


Just after I finished this cartoon, CNN reported that Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has shut down Russia’s disinformation network…or they’re trying to. Meta is removing posts by supposed “independent” news agencies and fake personas (bots) targetting Ukrainians on Facebook and Instagram. I just checked and despite this announcement from Facebook, Russian state-owned propaganda outlets, posing as news, RT and Sputnik are still posting on Mega’s platforms. As of this writing, Sputnik posted a video 48 minutes ago on Facebook. RT posted a new one six minutes ago. RT and Sputnik running wild and uninhibited on social media is good news for people like Ted Rall, an American cartoonist/columnist who works for Sputnik and has been making whatabout posts deflecting for Putin’s war.

If Meta and other outlets want to shut down propaganda and the litany of pro-Putin bullshit, they need to shut down, not just the face accounts, but RT…

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