Wladimir Klitschko: The Third World War Has Already Started In Ukraine

The US waited to enter world war 2 until it affected us personally.   Same with the world war 1.  World war 3 is here now.  How will history see the US, as a defender of the attacked people, or weak and fearful of the attackers.   Look we are involved.  We are sending arms, we are sending intel, we are giving advice, we are giving money, the only damn thing we are not giving is our own ability to save lives.  I was a US military man, I served in two branches of the US military.  There are things we believe in and the stopping the slaughter of the defenseless is one of those things.  Look back at history and see when the US intervened in a conflict.   Will we wait until all the women and children are killed and driven out?  What is our goal?  If we want to save lives how do you say we need to wait because the future life saved is more worthy than the lives of the dead children happening now.   It is easy to give support from a world away when our kids are not dying, when our elderly are not going hungry starving to death.  The US is a world leader willing to stand up, or we are not and need to stand down.  Now we find out where the real spine of the US is.  

4 thoughts on “Wladimir Klitschko: The Third World War Has Already Started In Ukraine

    1. Hello Nan. I have to admit I am glad you did not watch the video. I watched so much destruction and death my entire day became unfunctional. I couldn’t do the roundup. I spent the afternoon talking with Ron and James and avoiding the computer. When I told Ron I couldn’t face the roundup after watching the news he told me he would rather I shut the computers off and played Halo on the Xbox. But I told him that wouldn’t help one person in the Ukraine and I felt I needed to do my best to sway public opinion to get out leaders to help the Ukrainians. Ron wished me luck but worried I would have a second night of nightmares and no sleep. Did you see where Kim in North Korea sent up an ICBM? Because he sees the US back down to threats of nuclear weapons, so he wants to make sure the US remembers he has them also. It is a horrible precedent to set.

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  1. I served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam thing, and vividly remember how we were lied to to get us into that war, as well as a number of other subsequent (wars Iraq anyone?). The most often used lie then was something about a domino theory, so I’m reluctant to fight another war, even a war to prevent genocide which is what is happening in Ukraine. We must pay attention to the far bigger picture here in that if we get actively involved at what point do we or the Russians go nuclear? It’s inevitable, and when it happens most if not all of the civilized world will cease to exist, and the level of suffering of the survivors will be extreme. Nuclear bombs will begin raining down on America, Europe, Russia, as well as China and numerous other countries (everybody unloads their inventories). So the choice is unfortunately a form of Sophie’s choice in that do we continue to provide assistance to Ukraine while punishing Russia through sanctions, or do we do Armageddon…

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    1. Hello Jimmy. I understand your point about being lied to into a war. You are not wrong there. However history is not just one sided on this, while there are wars the US went into on false pretexts, there are justified wars the US waited until the near end to enter and let all that needless death happen before we tried to act.

      I think your framing of the situation is wrong. Your mind is stuck on the 1980’s cold war and the 1960’s duck and cover mentality. A nuclear weapon must never be used it is the most horrible thing. Except when only one side feels that way then just a threat of a nuclear weapon is paralyzing.

      The nuclear weapons of today are not the world destroying ones of the cold war days. Today they have suitcase nukes that only hit a city block or even smaller. So the idea that nuclear missiles are going to rain down on the cities of the world are from a time long gone. It won’t happen.

      I think we have more choices than you suggest. But say you are correct. How far do we give in to threats to use nuclear weapons or even letting a nuclear power plant melt down? If a country wants something we don’t want to give them, can they blackmail us with a nuclear plant? If a country wants us to join them in a military action we don’t want to, do we let them force us to by threat of melting down a nuclear power plant? This has shown every country out there that they need a nuclear weapon to stop and cow the US and then what will they demand of us or they will use it? Again it is the framing is wrong. We are using decades old framing to hamper what we will do today.

      I do not think it will be Armagedón, but if it is we will deal with it as we have to deal with other things in our world. We can not shrink from this. We have to face it if we want to be a world leader. Or we retire half the US military and use the money to give the people government services and to take care of the people. We either have to be willing to use the military for the right reasons or we need to stop funding it at the cost of the needs of the public.


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