OAN host: “Biden is the groomer-in-chief”


In a rant against gender-affirming health care, OAN host says the ultimate goal is “canceling reproduction”


CHANEL RION (HOST): It’s tempting to feel sorry for old Joe. Don’t. Your sympathy is grounded in your remnant memories of sweet old grandpa. Joe Biden isn’t your sweet old grandpa. Everyone gets old, even perverts. 

Biden is the groomer-in-chief. He’s open to the language of fellow groomers, but sympathy for groomers only enable them further. Look at their newly nominated Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, America’s queen of child porn apologists. 

But the “Jeffrey Epstein killed himself,” pro-pedophile media fully backs this pro-grooming position.

Don’t be fooled by their wordplay. Their true motive isn’t about protecting the gender identities of children. This is about satisfying their own warped perversions. And if you want to take it a layer deeper, it’s about canceling reproduction. This is population control. Sterilize your children, abort your babies, discourage nuclear families, and encourage non-reproducing unions.

Don’t let them get away with this. Don’t let them get away with terms like gender-affirming health care for children. Call it what it is: gender mutilation and child abuse illegal under current U. S law. Don’t give them an inch in the language wars. As this issue illustrates, lose the language war, lose our children. And that’s my opening argument.


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