Fareed Zakaria: We must stop Putin’s Plan B

As Russia refocuses its war on Ukraine’s east and south, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria argues it will take much more military assistance from the West to ensure that Russia does not succeed in crippling Ukraine.

I know that CNN has bad CC and that it is hard for hearing impaired viewers to decipher what is being said.   I am hoping that the host speaking in a slow measured way will help the hearing impaired to follow what he is saying.  It is important in my view as he talks about Russia / Putin’s plans and possible threats to come.  

9 thoughts on “Fareed Zakaria: We must stop Putin’s Plan B

    1. Hello Nan. I do not need CC. But because of what you told me I decided to turn it on and watch a few CNN videos closely. I did not blog on the other computer or time share my attention, I focused on what the video sounds were and read the CC. Oh crap it was bad. Half the time I couldn’t read what the CC was. It was just as you wrote, gibberish. It would be a bunch of random letters then a word or two and more random letters. What was worse for me as I could clearly hear the words the CC did not even get the few words between the gibberish to line up with the people speaking. It was not that it was delayed a sentence or two, it was the person speaking did not use those words in the few sentences before the words appeared. I was shocked. I have had CC on with other YouTube shows because I was listening and not watching so did not care about it so much and it seemed to go along with the spoken words pretty well. But these CNN closed captioning were just as you said, gibberish. Thanks for letting me know. If you have not noticed I have switched from posting as much CNN to posting more CBS and MSNBC. Unfortunately CNN has more informative clips I would like to post, but if my hearing impaired viewers cannot watch them then I prefer to find other sources of that information

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  1. OT — Are you aware you can get rid of your blog’s footer “Blog at WordPress.com”? From what I read, you can do it under “Appearance ->Customize.” Of course, it all depends on the theme …

    Unless you like it there. 😈

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    1. Hello Nan. When I set up the blog I tried to get rid of it. It said I needed the business plan. Has that changed now? I dislike this theme anyway and will change it if I ever get the time. Let me go see if I can get rid of it now. Thanks.


      1. Yes, after I made the comment, I went to my own blog admin and noticed it said the thing about needing a plan upgrade. I don’t think this was always the case based on a forum I came across sometime back. No doubt it’s just another way for WP to “advertise” … and/or get more money.

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        1. Hello Nan. Yes it is about advertising and money. Did you hear about Netflix and Hulu? Netflix has used the model of income by subscription only. That is changing now. Netflix is going to open a cheaper subscription level that allows advertising / commercials to be shown just like the way the broadcast / cable TV do. Why? Because Hulu has both subscriptions, and they make far more money off the cheaper one where they show commercials during the programming. Advertisers pay more than subscribers do it seems. Sad but that is what drives the system isn’t it?

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