Disney World’s special tax status may not be in jeopardy, reporter says

3 thoughts on “Disney World’s special tax status may not be in jeopardy, reporter says

  1. I didn’t need to listen/watch/read the entire video because the reporter summed it up right close to the beginning … it’s all about politics and power. DeSantis is so wrapped up in himself and the power he’s (so far) been able to wield that he’s simply pushing things that have no ultimate value for anyone except HIM. And I think you, Scottie, as a resident of Florida, recognize this far better than anyone else.

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    1. Hello Nan. Not only is it about power but it is also about appearances. The bill is not designed to ever be enacted. The bill has a year before kicking in leaving time for the next legislature to stop it. I have read that it is entirely about forcing businesses to keep funding Republicans and to support them. Next they will demand businesses to not support Democrats, maybe keep the Democrats off the board of directors? But I read today that the law signed back then says the district cannot be dissolved without the state of Florida paying off all the bonds / debts and right now that is about 2 billion. So this is not really about Disney but about scaring smaller big businesses.

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