Let’s talk about public health updates….

An example of how the media and the right wing especially change a story.   Dr. Fauci said the “we are out of the pandemic phase …” then that got turned into we are out of the pandemic and then summarized as “The pandemic is over”.  

A more complete quote was “We are out of the full blown explosive pandemic phase”.   Do you understand now why I investigate sources and look to see the original quotes especially when used by the right wing?   Enjoy the video.   

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about public health updates….

    1. Hello Ali. I have not gotten to the most recent comments, yes I am slow today, but did you have time to write your draft on the links you sent me? As I wrote to you in the comments I have the post written (I accidentally posted it and had to trash it because I want to either add your draft in the post or if you prefer as a comment.) I love the idea of getting other people’s thoughts on what is happening in their areas. So if you have not let me know yet, please do so in a comment or let me know you emailed it to me at ScottiesPlayTime@gmail.com. Thanks for your ideas and helping out. We need as many LGBTQ+ allies as we can get.

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      1. I’ve since found some more items, made some other comments on the draft, and now it’s more notes than a draft. That said, while I have a lot to say as an ally, and am happy to do so, the people I’d be addressing would be the unseen ones who are frightened, and the bigots who are visible and vocal. I’m thinking I want to work from one of Rep. Helmer’s comments about the perfection of God’s creation of a human being. I want to expand on that, noting that each of us humans is different, but we each and we all are still human and should be treated as such. I might insert that many people seem to need a mom hug, and that I have fierce ones for all. I’d immediate go on to address the “christianity” aspect by stating that if God is our father, then each other human is my sibling (religious bigots hate that one!) but will continue that flow to if some difference in humans is treated as less than, what will stop some other difference from also making other people less than, and what if it’s ]Rep. Helmer’s or one of their flaws.] Still working that bracketed phrase out, but that’s the gist. Love our neighbors, no exceptions, and such. Then, likely I’ll finish off with more fierce mom hugs.
        I will submit a copy here before I post it on the NewsCow, so I can get input. And will be happy to clarify anything in the ltte that may seem weaker than my actual allyship. Thank you so much, Scottie! 💖💖

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        1. Hello Ali. Great! I do want to post it here with your permission. As I said I am holding the post I made on this until you are ready. I can go ahead and post it and when you send the reply you wrote I can make it a post by itself with a link back, or I can hold the post until you are ready. Whatever you want to do is OK. Do you want me to send you the post I wrote on the article? Just let me know.

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          1. I feel that I can’t send the ltte to the NewsCow until school’s almost out. I’m afraid of making an uproar that could cause me to not be able to go to work. I wouldn’t mind not going in anymore, but my co-worker is pregnant, and was working alone until I moved over there. It’s gonna be hot the last few days, which is miserable when pregnant, so I want to wait. It’s 2.5 weeks; I’m thinking I’d send the ltte in on Sunday, May 16. I doubt I’d get let go for the last 5 days; also it’s not likely to be published for a day or two after I email it. I can always send that to you as soon as I see it.

            Now, for your post, I don’t mind how you set it up. I wanted you to know, and to know that I also know and intend to counter that situation locally. If you want to send it, I’ll be thrilled to read it! Or you could just post it-I know it’s dynamite…

            As I’ve said, I fear for the young people.

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