A comment from Tildeb and my reply. I hope you will read all of my reply because to answer the allegations I had to get lengthy.

Your denialism that this is even an issue is the problem I’m trying to address. I’m trying (and failing) to point out that denying the very real issues of implementing this ideology throughout institutions like education is a significant factor at driving a small subset of moderate voters into the arms of voting Republican. Because I think the Republican party is an existential threat to the US remaining a liberal democracy, I raise the issue that not enough people on Left realize that their denialism of these very real concerns are helping the Republicans win at the polls. Blanket support for any and all trans and race and gender ideology implemented by Democrats is a very real problem in this regard, as is the automatic vilification of any real liberal who criticizes this identity ideology. The Left is eating its own.

You automatically damn the person raising criticism as some kind of right wing bigot because, in your mind, there is no issue on one side and nothing but bigotry and disinformation on the other. Hence, I call this denialism similar to a creationist religious belief and any refutation by facts blasphemy.

For example, the BC School Trustees Association voted almost unanimously (97.2%) to continue the implementation of unisex bathrooms in all schools. So enlightened. Parents of girls prior to the vote told these trustees that their daughters aren’t using the bathrooms, are too uncomfortable using the facilities when a period arrives, that they are skipping school, wanting to stay home, refusing to go into a bathroom where the boys are peeing in the sinks and who enjoy ‘teasing’ girls – sometimes much younger girls – and sometimes assaulting them.

Facts don’t matter.

Along comes a champion of social justice and insists this is all made up, that anyone who raises an issue like this is a bigot, that such parents are transphobic, that such occasions are so rare that there’s really no issue at all so it’s hate and fear driving the criticism.

Sound familiar? Guess how those parents are going to vote when they have an opportunity to express their very deep anger at this treatment in the secrecy of the ballot box?

Oh right… it’s all made up. And besides, think of the suicide rate of the the poor trans sexual children we’re ‘saving’. So virtuous. So many still to save. Let the door knocking begin: do you have a moment and have you heard the “Good News”?


My response.   

Hello Tildeb. You are failing because it is a political driven issue that is not a real life problem in the world. The moderates that are being driven to the republicans is a talking point and something used to cause fear to prevent speaking up on trans rights. Polly said something similar a long time ago, she said it is only the trans part driving the Republican party as gays were accepted a long time ago. Turned out we see that is false also.

The people making this an issue are going to vote conservative anyway. The people making trans issues a problem are watching conservative media, they are conservative in thought, they feel more comfortable on that side of the spectrum. I am talking about those who are making it an issue. Not those who are unsure or feel that some parts may go too far. The ones pushing this such as yourself are actively pushing an anti-trans agenda. That is why you do not care about any other topic I post accept spending less money on the military to give the people more benefits. Notice the two issues you objected to on my blog? What do they have in common? Oh yes they are right wing positions and the data you used is from right wing sources. Ah enlightenment.

Your dooms day scenarios are not happening. Trans people are not sweeping all the women’s sports trophies. They are not pushing women out of sports. It is a ginned-up fear mongering attempting to hurt trans women, just as if a trans women uses the women’s bathroom they will rape your little daughter and assault your wife bullshit. Again, all out of the right-wing playbook. Never a thought that trans women might just need to relieve themselves. They have to be there to rape and assault.

I admit the left is not good at handling the messaging coming out of the right, simply because the corporate Democrats are afraid of upsetting their wealthy donors, who are the same wealthy donors to the Republicans. The days of the Ted Kennedy type liberal Democrat was almost over. But they are coming back and the people like that. tRump showed the people like fighters who will claim to stick up for their interests against the wealthy and big business. Of course tRump lied, but that is what the right does. But the liberals are making a resurgence and that terrifies the right, because they know the public supports the liberal positions. Why do you think there is such an attempt on the right to silence any mention of the positives of the LGBTQ+? It is clear, the majority of the public support the LGBTQ+ and that support has been growing. So the right has to stop anything positive while keep hammering how evil, bad, horrible, woman raping, girl destroying the LGBTQ+ really is. I wish I could post all the stories I see that are just this fear mongering to get the idea into the public, and you help do that for them.

The latest I read is the idea that in 20 years or so, there won’t be lesbians because all the girls who like girls will be trans boys. That trope has been pushed by TERFs in the UK for a while. But it is really playing into the right wings idea that peoples gender and sexuality is a choice that can be changed at a whim. It is not like that.

I understand Tildeb you are male? Could you tomorrow really say you believe you are female and go through years of abuse and social / medical treatments to transition? No, because you are male gendered in your head. That part that tells you who you are. It is the same for transgender people, the part in their head that tells them who they are tells them they are in the wrong body. To remedy that is not a threat to anyone else, but there are people who see it as a threat to their ability to force others to live by their narrow view of what must be allowed. Transgender doesn’t mean criminal psycho that the right is trying to make it

Tildeb dear, I call those using these issues against trans as bigots because it doesn’t affect them, and these issues are made up to appeal to bigots. Really. Oh my god women who look manly may be using the same bathroom, flee for your life! I don’t use female bathrooms I don’t know about you, but when I go into a bathroom I don’t inspect everyone coming in or going out to see if I think they are manly enough. I have known all levels of men in my life, and I can tell you what is shown up top never tends to match what is below. Are women doing that, have an inspection before use. I have posted of women stopped and assaulted trying to use the bathroom because some right winger did not think they were feminine enough. My gods that should drive real feminist crazy and does I can tell you the TERFs are a small but very loud group like magas. Judge a female on her looks, how dare you.

I do not automatically damn any idea or person. I have investigated the issues deeply and found they are crap made up to scare people. Be afraid, be very afraid, the gays are coming the gays are coming … oh, not scared of the gays anymore … okay … the trans are coming the trans are coming, be afraid be afraid. This too shall pass if the right wing doesn’t have its way with these anti LGBTQ+ laws.

Good gods I hope people see through you. Unisex bathrooms mean boys are peeing in the sinks. Girls with periods are afraid to go into them … because girls first are always afraid of boys and boys seeing a girl will have to rape them right? Then the girls are afraid because of their period … are girls just disrobing at the door and waving bloody clothing around while dripping blood. Shit as a boy that would have terrified me. And assaulting the girls of course the boys are. No girls are assaulting the little boys as that is not allowed in that boys are never weak but always the strong aggressors because that causes fear. Girls are little defenseless unable to protect themselves, unable to remember which boy it was and tell the teacher or authorities, but yes it really is happening. Sure believe me it is, and big foot and ET are having a baby on the school playground next week.

Hey Tildeb I seen those same parents on TV storming US school board meetings claiming that asking kids to wear face masks was making it so they couldn’t breathe and god created their faces to be seen so masks were the work of Satan. You know a cloth across a kids face on Halloween was ok but in school was an abomination of the worse kind.

Again all bullshit designed to cause fear. I bet if I tracked the article back it would be to a radical right wing outlet. Why do you not provide links to these big important news stories, is because they are always on a anti-trans site? How many parents told the school their girls would skip vs how many parents supported it. Was it two? Five? How many kids in the school? Just as an aside many countries use unisex bathrooms with no issues or trouble. I used them in Germany. No problems. Peed, popped, showered, brushed my teeth all the other stuff one did in a big unisex bathroom with no issues or problems. Good lord, google Chinese kindergarten bathrooms. No stalls, just toilets with small dividers and the boys and girls all doing it with no problem, the bigger girls help the little boys clean their bottoms. Maybe what we should do its not teach kids that thing between their legs makes the entirety of who they are and is the most important that must always be a hidden part of themselves. Kids don’t learn to fear that thing until adults teach them too.

Oh an on the girls period thing. I grew up with a couple hell spawn of that gender. They bragged about how if they wanted to get out of a class or skip school they would use that issue, that “evil menstruation thing” and get out of class or school. One sibling must have had a running period flow for all of high school to get out of PE. Every few days of the week they had PE. All month. For years. They were proud of them selves. They are also all maga right wing Republicans now.

It is driven by hate, these attacks on the trans gender. Trust me I know it is not made up, the information claimed is but the hate is real. Is racism made up? But this tells me all I will ever need to know about you Tildeb. You don’t care about the death of a child as long as the child is a child acting as you don’t support. You now sicken me.

<blockquote> And besides, think of the suicide rate of the the poor trans sexual children we’re ‘saving’. So virtuous. So many still to save. Let the door knocking begin: do you have a moment and have you heard the “Good News”? </blockquote>

See I care about all children and especially the children in right wing family’s being indoctrinated who might be LGBTQ+ being told they are the worst possible thing their parents can imagine and so hated. I care about the sexually abused children being denied sexual education that might inform them they can tell on their parents who are doing it. Again due to the lack of good sexual education I went several years wondering if every time I was raped as a kid I would become pregnant like my hell spawn sisters. So you make light and jokes about saving kids, it seems what the right does. I will keep fighting for every kid I can against the bigotry of the right and the misinformation you push.

Oh and bless your heart.

2 thoughts on “A comment from Tildeb and my reply. I hope you will read all of my reply because to answer the allegations I had to get lengthy.

    1. Hello Ali. Thank you. I won’t stop being an ally and standing up for my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and that includes the transgendered ones. Discrimination against one is discrimination against all. I have faced that discrimination in my own life. I have seen a better way. I will fight for it, to make it real in our world.

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