Watch Pete Buttigieg perfectly articulate why Republicans behave the way that they do

10 thoughts on “Watch Pete Buttigieg perfectly articulate why Republicans behave the way that they do

    1. Hello Michael. He is very well spoken and very smart. In a few years he could easily win a Senate seat I think, and a few years after that the presidency. I think that if Biden doesn’t run he will either be the vice-presidential candidate or try for the top slot. But I think he should be vice president first.


      1. I think he speaks to and for today’s generation, but unfortunately, the old fogies are still the ones that have the time AND make the effort to vote. And we all know how that turns out.

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        1. Hello Nan. So very true. I wonder if the new SCOTUS possible ruling might change that? From what I have seen the younger generation is much more positive about abortion than any other.

          But what really is interesting to me is that as you say it is coming down to an older traditionalist view of how culture should be compared to a new younger newer generation of how culture should be.

          With the congress leadership of both parties being in their mid 70s to late 80s with the rest of the leadership behind them nearly as old, how long until the country reflects how the majority of the population feels on issues such as this?

          We seen when Pete was running for president how hard and violent they came out against him. That was before the tRump attack squads targeted him fully.

          You are correct Nan, the people trying to restrict voting have managed to get large portions of the population to think that voting is useless and so why bother to do it.

          James is one of those and nothing Ron or I have said changes his mind. But I hope against hope, that this ruling and what it means for other future rights might wake up the non-voting younger generation.

          After all this is not just an attack on abortion, this is an attack on individual rights all across the spectrum against all individuals, because if there is no right to privacy or right to any medical care an adult what other personal right will the people have from the government in the US?

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          1. It is extremely unfortunate, but MANY in the voting public have the attitude that their vote doesn’t count because the “politicians” are going to do what they want to do anyway. And sad to say, there’s a LOT of truth to this. But, by the same token, we have seen what the voting public CAN do to change things as well. Case in point: the NON-reelection of tRump.

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes, but look how close that was per the rigged electoral college. More people voted for tRump the second time than the first even after everything he publicly did. The fact is the republicans are doing everything they can to make the wishes / votes of the people irrelevant. Right now, the big money donor’s money in politics has made politicians cater to the whims of wealthy over the needs of the public. The country has lost so much infrastructure since the wealthy pushed the burden of funding the government onto the lower incomes. The country has regressed compared to other developed countries that tax the wealthy & large corporations to fund the costs of improving the country’s infrastructure and economic componetes.


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