Crooked NYPD Cops BRUTALIZE Elderly Woman Just For Filming Them

NYPD officers were recorded slamming a 61-year-old grandmother to the ground during an arrest inside a Brooklyn police station just as she was beginning to film the altercation on her phone. The woman, Patricia Rodney, was at the station to pick up a copy of a police report she filed and when the officers didn’t help, she began to film them, which prompted the officers to break her arm in the process of the arrest.

“New York Police Department officers threw a screaming, 61-year-old grandmother to the ground, breaking her arm in the process of an arrest captured on video inside a police station in Brooklyn. Her alleged crime: filming the police. The body camera video, first reported on by the local news blog Hell Gate, shows Patricia Rodney surrounded by cops before one of them grabs her, takes her to the ground, and handcuffs her. Rodney, a diabetic, was visiting the police station on Dec. 2, 2020, to pick up a copy of a police report she’d filed about a missing glucometer, as required by her insurance provider. But instead of helping Rodney, NYPD officers turned her away. When she became frustrated and pointed her phone camera toward them, cops grabbed her as she shrieked for help.”

6 thoughts on “Crooked NYPD Cops BRUTALIZE Elderly Woman Just For Filming Them

    1. Hello Nan. The police in the US have become militarized and they act like an occupying army trying to control an enemy population. The act brutally to any suggestion that someone is questioning their authority. Laws giving people rights mean nothing to most police officers what is important to them is being obeyed instantly. I posted a while ago that the major training companies for police are controlled by right wing violent extremist groups. They are training police to be thugs and thugs are joining the police forces. Not all police are thugs, but it is rare they will stand up against the bad cops. I posted today about a female black cop who did the right thing, but I bet the white males took it out on her. Hugs

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    1. Hello bowtiejack1. Yes and she could have been a desperado in disguise with guns in her boobies. 😀😁😜😝😂

      What the heck is wrong with the cops! As soon as she announced what she needed and why they knew she was very poor. So they figured she wouldn’t have the resources to get them in trouble. But people are fed up with thugs posing as law enforcement officers. That is not following or enforcing the laws, it is attacking a senior aged woman to prove a point that the cops insist they be obeyed instantly at all times. Hugs

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