Georgia Gov Candidate Vows To Execute Sheriffs By Firing Squad If They Violate The Constitution [VIDEO]

Does she mean if they are not maga enough.  Plus in her mind Sheriff’s are able to decide what laws are constitutional and have a choice over which they will enforce and which they can ignore.   Totally false.   Hugs

“We’re not making backroom deals with sheriffs. They’re the highest constitutional office in their county and they’re gonna do the will of the people.

“I don’t mind handcuffing them either. I mean it. I’ve had it from sheriff corruption all over this state. We’ve got some awesome sheriffs and praise the lord for ’em.

“Pray for them. Even if you have a corrupt one, pray for them. And pray that they’re replaced really quickly if they’re corrupt. But I don’t care. I don’t mind handcuffing any single person who breaks the law and goes against our government.

“The Constitution says when you commit treason, it’s death by firing squad. I didn’t write it! It’s in there! It’s serious!

“When you swear to God that you’ll uphold a document that says you’ll do the will of the people and you will honor every single thing in that Constitution, do you that.” – Kandiss Taylor, candidate for Georgia governor.

Rather obviously, the Constitution says nothing at all about executions by firing squads.

Taylor last appeared on JMG earlier this week when she declared that the Founding Fathers “destroyed” Native Americans so that people can “worship Jesus freely.”

Taylor first appeared on JMG when she dramatically ripped up photos of Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue, declaring “I believe in Jesus, guns, and babies.” Taylor is a graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent University.


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