Maine Teenagers Take Over Small Town’s Pride Event

The Bangor Daily News reports:

When no adults would revive the community Pride parade in Belfast, a group of motivated Belfast Area High School students stepped up to make sure that the event — which has been on a pandemic hiatus — happens this year. In Belfast, the city’s first-ever Pride parade and festival took place in 2016, and became an annual tradition. But no adult organizers had come forward this year to keep the tradition going.

The 20 club members secured a permit from the city of Belfast, found sponsors, raised money for banners, flags and other expenses and grappled with the procuring of liability insurance. Ultimately, the high school agreed to cover the event under the school’s policy, a move that surprised and pleased the teens, according to Annie Gray, the club’s co-advisor.

Read the full article. Wonderful piece. The clip below is from their first parade in 2016. Belfast has a population of 7000.


Prost- 🇺🇦 • a day ago

I have faith in this generation of kids. They’re alright in my book.

S1AMER Prost- 🇺🇦 • a day ago

Many of them, anyhow.

But great numbers of them are actually growing up to be mirror images of christianist, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic parents. (As ever, much fruit never falls far from the tree.)

Still, the Bangor kids give us all some hope for a better future in some places, and that’s definitely cause for rejoicing!

ErnestMc Epic Collision • a day ago

Yes, you wouldn’t know it sometimes to read the news, but Americans are getting less and less interested in religion and being religious. And. at the same time, out and visible LGBT people are more and more common.

juanjo54 S1AMER • a day ago

Sadly, a certain number do. However, studies have shown that number of younger people growing up in Christian households including evangelical households are not down with the obsession about gay people expressed by church leaders.

ErnestMc juanjo54 • a day ago

Many (not all) religious families are indeed anti-LGBT and racist and pass that on to their children, but religion (despite the loudness of it on the right) has become less and less vital in American lives, with more and more people saying they’re not affiliated with any religion. That’s a good sign.

clay • a day ago

“Ultimately, the high school agreed to cover the event under the school’s policy”

Good, because it sounds like the students learned a lot from their experience.

ErnestMc • a day ago

This is the other half of the current LGBT story that isn’t being told much these days. (The media, including LGBT media, gravitates toward the horror stories and it is important to know one’s enemies.) Young people are growing up with wide exposure to positive LGBT portrayals. Many of them have the support of their peers and their families. They’re not conflicted about sexuality and gender and they’re not about to let Republican extremists control their lives.

Good work, Belfast youths!

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