GA Gov Candidate: The Founding Fathers “Destroyed” Native Americans So We Could “Worship Jesus Freely”

“The First Amendment right, which is our right to worship Jesus freely, that’s how we have a country. That’s how we have Georgia. That’s how we have – our founding fathers came over here and destroyed American Indians’ homes and their land.

“They took it. Look at what they did to Native Americans for sacrifice. For us to have the freedom we have today.

“Communism, perversion, and oppression is being taught to our children. It’s unethical. And it needs to be put into the code of ethics for teachers and their certificates.

“I promise you, no make how woke they are, they’ll shut up. They have mortgages and car payments. I’m Kandiss Taylor, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.”

Taylor last appeared on JMG when she dramatically ripped up photos of Gov. Brian Kemp and former Sen. David Perdue, declaring “I believe in Jesus, guns, and babies.” Taylor is a graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent University.


Chris Baker • 5 days ago

So she is admitting that the founding fathers killed Indians and stole their land?
Does she realize she is teaching Critical Race Theory?

2patricius2 Chris Baker • 5 days ago

Yes. It’s a good thing she is not in a state that prosecutes people for admitting that the founding fathers committed genocide so they could steal the land of the inhabitants. Now is she also going to admit they enslaved and tortured and sold Black people so they could prosper economically?

Adam Schmidt Chris Baker • 5 days ago

Even more, she’s saying that we committed ethnic cleansing and it was a good thing because it’s what Jesus wanted.

Yves R. Mektin Chris Baker • 5 days ago

They had no choice. The Indians were Comminists and Satanists (before anybody had ever told them about Satan or Marx).

Ed B • 5 days ago

We are back sliding. Fast.
You know that shithole countries 45 mentioned? Yea, it’s here.

Adam Schmidt • 5 days ago

So your “pro-life” religion killed millions and took their lands, committing ethnic cleansing and genocide, forcing the remnants into camps, to secure your freedom? And you’re proud of this? You think you should keep doing it?

You are a monster and a horrible human being.

ChipSF • 5 days ago

Here it is: The American Taliban will kill you if you don’t agree to worship Jesus they way they tell you.

Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

There wont be a public education system in 20 years if these idiots continue to get their way.

Uncle Mark’s ugly face returns Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

Hell, I’m wondering what kind of education system we had that churned out these curds.

Makoto • 5 days ago

“They took it. Look at what they did to Native Americans for sacrifice. For us to have the freedom we have today.”

Uhh.. call me old fashioned, but “sacrifice”, to me, means someone chooses to give something up. Not have that choice inflicted upon them. Always knew that MAGAts used a different dictionary… and views on reality itself…

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