Schlapp: Abortion Bans Will “Solve” White Replacement

In his ruling Alito mentioned a lack of babies to adopt.   He doesn’t care that there is lots of older kids needing homes, but he was only worried about the babies.  Why?   Could it be because as they grow they are the easiest to indoctrinate into religion and bigotry?    Here one of the leaders of the right claims forcing white women to carry pregnancy to term will help stop the white people from becoming a losing their majority power.  Make women forced to birth facing death and long-term physical damage so white babies may be born.  But really what they are saying is that women mean nothing if they can possibly get a white male child or a girl child they can force to give birth to more kids.   At what point do these people mandate how many babies / kids each white family has to increase the white race?  Will there be a minimum number of children for the white women?   How long until these people start insisting that people of color that have more than one child be sterilized?   This seems to have been their plan for a long time.    All due to fear of a time when they wont be the most powerful.   Why would they fear that?  Could it be that they have been so horrible to others while they have power they are worried that those they mistreated would respond in kind to them?  Maybe they should just try to be nice and treat everyone fairly.   Hugs

“Roe v. Wade is being adjudicated at the Supreme Court right now, for people that believe that we somehow need to replace populations or bring in new workers, I think it is an appropriate first step to give the enshrinement in law the right to life for our own unborn children.

“If you say there is a population problem in a country, but you’re killing millions of your own people through legalized abortion every year, if that were to be reduced, some of that problem is solved. You have millions of people who can take many of these jobs.

“How come no one brings that up? If you’re worried about this quote-unquote replacement, why don’t we start there? Start with allowing our own people to live.” – Matt Schlapp, speaking today at CPAC Hungary.

Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

The majority of white people will be able to travel to states and still get abortions. Its poor black and brown that are going to be forced to give birth. JFC, these folks dont even understand basic economic reality.

Makoto Ed B • 5 days ago

Worse. They understand, but they also know it’ll force continued generational poverty for those unable to obtain abortions. Which will keep “those” people out of view (except for crime stats and other ways of making them seem lesser/undesirable), and continue the broadening difference between the haves and the have nots, both in terms of color and wealth/education/opportunity.

juanjo54 Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

There is a large underclass of Caucasian poor who will not be able to do so. It is important to keep a steady supply of poorly educated, impoverished white people to do menial work as well as to join the military to fight in our wars overseas. Running an empire requires a large pool of potential soldiers.

Nic Peterson Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

Legal weed is something conservatives can’t stop and they are shitting their pants about it because incarcerating young black non violent offenders is so incredibly profitable and provides a conveyor belt of cash back to conservative politicians. More poor black and brown kids are a guarantee that the cash flow doesn’t stop.

Conservative are heinous.

Longpole Lazycrockett • 5 days ago • edited

It will give them something to bitch about. More minority babies on food stamps and Medicaid.
Plus, its good for fund raising.

Adam Schmidt Lazycrockett • 5 days ago

Republicans aren’t worried about that. They can fuck over health care enough so that the poor (read black) people die.

BeccaM • 5 days ago

“Forced pregnancies.”

That’s what he’s saying. That’s what he wants. Women are to be enslaved by the state for the purpose of pumping out babies. And the unspoken part is he wants them to be white babies.

5 thoughts on “Schlapp: Abortion Bans Will “Solve” White Replacement

  1. He’s one piece of work, as is his mother before him. She wanted to repeal voting rights for women here in KS when she got elected to the state leg. She didn’t try hard, she just floated the bubble a couple of times. He’s been the beneficiary of much wingnut welfare after he participated in the Brooks Brothers riot in FL back in 2000.
    OK. Scottie, one of the two of us is going to have to bake some bread tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow.) Not only do I need to punch down dough, My “zone” is definitely flooded with the s–t Steve Bannon called for.

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    1. Hello Ali. I cannot understand those that want to limit the voting of the people in a democracy. A democracy means the people get a say, they get a vote, they pick the politicians. The people elect the leaders. If the right wants a democracy, they have to let everyone vote.

      On the bread Ron and I have been talking about trying to make our own sub / hoagie and hot dog / hamburger rolls. Maybe we will do that . Hugs

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      1. 🙂 on the bread! I made burger buns one time because I really didn’t want to go to the store, and had yeast needing to be used. The guys liked them, but felt like it was a waste for burgers. I don’t get that, but they sure ate them up! 😀

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  2. I used my regular bread recipe, then did my best to shape the dough into buns. I couldn’t believe I didn’t get, like, double decker buns, but somehow I got them right, where there wasn’t too much bread. I hope that works for you when you try it. I didn’t see a reason to look up a special recipe, but I wasn’t looking for a fine, store-bought-type crumb, either, so there’s that. I was a little trepidatious, because when I make bierocks, I often make them too big. (I’m not good with eyeballing sizes, though I can eyeball measurements well. I have a weird brain, but I’m happy to have one at all!)

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