Disgusting Pastor EXPOSED As Sexual Abuser In Front Of His Entire Congregation

Pastor John Lowe of Indiana openly admitted to his congregation that he cheated on his wife, and things went awry very quickly as his wife got up and confronted her husband for his lies and set the record straight on how deplorable the pastor really is. She also hinted at her surviving sexual assault by Locke when she was 16, only adding to the multitude of stories of sexual assault survivors from evangelical Christian churches and religious sects.

“Carissa Beard was helping her daughter pack up her dorm room on Sunday night when she got the text from her husband, the lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Thurmont in Maryland. The nearly 300-page report on sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention had dropped online. “It is every bit as bad as I expected it to be,” she said. When Philip Meade, pastor at Graefenburg Baptist Church in Kentucky, read the details, he began reworking his plans for the church’s worship service next Sunday. He will now devote a portion of the service to “a lament for the mishandling of sexual abuse claims and for the survivors who have suffered so much,” he said. Michael Howard, the head pastor of Seaford Baptist Church on the coast of Virginia, paused a family vacation to spend hours reading the report on Sunday afternoon. “It makes you ill,” Mr. Howard said. “I know as the word gets out, the people in our church will be asking: What is our response?”

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