Let’s talk about grain, Ukraine, and messaging….

Please notice the framing, a coalition of the willing.   Where have we heard that before?  Iraq when the US gathered nations to help attack / invade Iraq.   This video is about a group of nations that have decided to go into the black sea and take on the Russian fleet to clear out the blockade so that the ships can get to Odesa and allow shipping of the grain that is needed to feed Europe and other areas.   The issue is that Russian ships have been steal the grain and taking it back to Russia.   A lot of it is already gone.    So for those that say NATO nations cannot get involved they are already done the prep work and it is going to happen, this is simply letting the world know they are going to do it.   One name not on the list is the US, but I bet they are in there somewhere.    If the US doesn’t have a nuclear sub sitting in the Black Sea I would be veery surprised.    Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at the start of the war that it would only be a matter of time before the other nations came in, so why wait and let more die as the nations hesitated.   I said the other nations would have to go in and assist Ukraine.   Now that Europe is looking at their people going hungry and the problems with nations that depend on the food for Ukraine not getting that food, they are willing to act militarily.    The US will not stay out of this for long.  What will be interesting to see is what Russia does when combined fleets of a coalition of nations shows up to open that port for the Ukrainians.   Even if you don’t like Beau, this is worth a listen.    Hugs 

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