Hungary To Confiscate Profits From Multinationals

Isn’t this the guy that Tucker Carlon adores and sucks up to?    Isn’t this the leader that the Republicans are trying to emulate?    Hugs

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban used newly acquired wartime powers to declare that multinational companies in his country must cede the bulk of their excess profits into new state funds dedicated to preparing the country’s military defenses and weathering inflation.

Mr. Orban, who won a fifth term in power last month, didn’t immediately give details on how his government would calculate which percentage of profits must be forfeited to the new funds.

Nor did he say what, specifically, the new funds would go toward. More details would be given on Thursday, and the amount companies would be asked to pay would be “significant,” a government spokesman said.

Read the full article. No paywall.

BeccaM • 2 days ago

Get ready to watch the Hungarian economy implode, as every single international company stops doing business there.

TK-Fla BeccaM • 2 days ago

Yes – there is going to be a mass exodus. No international company will put up with this totalitarian bullshit. Orban will bankrupt his economy. Such an arrogant stupid ass.

S_E_P • 2 days ago

Lol. The Shakedown. Hey corporations! Looks like the friendly monster you created has gone rabid

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