Report: Why GOP Won’t Do Anything About Domestic Tuckerism, er, Terrorism

The information in this post is stuff the public needs to understand. But the last short video with the 13 year old blew my mind. I hope everyone will watch that video and share it as TG has in this post. This is the twisted reality we are living in. No thinking person can justify this. Yet craven politicians legally bribed to allow it and ignore it for business profits somehow do. Hugs

Mock Paper Scissors

Republicans grooming the next generation of domestic terrorists?
H/T friend of the blog

The dead kids and dead teachers in Uvalde were failed at every level: from Texas Senators to Governor Gregg Abbott to the local police, and we should call out every attempt to distract from that responsibility and name and shame the bad faith actors.

Maybe it’s Fox News, Stupid?

Or maybe it’s just being paid off by the gun lobby itself:

(Undated file photo) New Confederacy…

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