Texas Pastor To City Council: Gays Should Be Executed

Newsweek reports:

A week after saying that he wouldn’t apologize for using homophobic slurs in sermons, Texas pastor Jonathan Shelley, the leader of the anti-gay Stedfast Baptist Church, said in a city council meeting that Pride Month is an “abomination” that shouldn’t be promoted. Shelley addressed the Arlington City Council, where a meeting was being held about acknowledging Pride month, telling them that he’s “horrified and ashamed” that the city decided to “promote and solicit Pride.”

“I don’t understand why we celebrate what used to be a crime not long ago. God has already ruled that murder, adultery, witchcraft, rape, bestiality and homosexuality are crimes worthy of capital punishment.” In March, Shelley’s church got evicted from its building after the pastor said gay people were “worthy of death,” which violated the terms of the lease that said the church should not promote or threaten violence.

Read the full article.

The second clip below was retweeted by Shelley’s church, which somehow still has a Twitter account. Of note, Pastor Shelley only has the gig because his fellow “death to gays” predecessor, Pastor Donnie Romero, was fired by the congregation after he was caught hiring hookers and smoking weed. Which is what Jesus would want. Romero first appeared on JMG when he preached that God should “finish the job” and “kill those queers” hospitalized after the Pulse massacre.


Elagabalus • a day ago • edited

So now they’ve said the quiet part out loud and the cat is out of the bag. Let’s not be under any illusion about the true motive of our enemies – they want us dead.

Todd20036 Elagabalus • a day ago

This is why I roll my eyes when people say the GQP will never truly come after LBGTs

Yeah, and nazis never truly went after Jews

TampaZeke Elagabalus • a day ago

When will we stop pretending that what he is saying isn’t a Christian teaching that has been a Christian teaching as long as there have been Christians? If you’re in the cult you’re part of the problem. You give cover to those who follow the teachings of the textbook of the cult.

Tread Elagabalus • a day ago

They’ve always wanted us dead. Then they won’t have to think about sucking cock anymore.

safari Sashineb • a day ago

I wonder what would happen if we started calling right wingers “alternative lifestyle” folk

Elagabalus Sashineb • a day ago

And yet, gluttony is one of the so-called “7 Deadly Sins” that every Christian ought to be aware of even if they can’t recite verses from the Bible. They all give themselves “Mulligans” while casting aspersions on everyone else, like the true hypocrites they are.

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