Tucker Blatantly LIES About Gun Lobbies While Promoting Civil War Rhetoric

Tucker Carlson is spreading dangerous lies about gun violence and gun control and even echoing Trump’s call for civil war if gun control legislation ends up getting put into action. This is just another opportunity for Tucker to be washed clean of taking responsibility for his hateful and violent rhetoric. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://www.mediamatters.org/tucker-c… “TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So, we know for a fact that what we are doing isn’t working, but we should also honest enough to acknowledge that it’s very hard to know what to do instead. Despite what you may have heard, the problem isn’t that we don’t care enough. There’s not a person in this country who is not horrified by the sight of murdered children. It’s the worst thing, and everybody thinks that. The problem is that the human mind is much more complex and harder to control than we like to admit. A person who is intent on committing violence is very hard to stop under any circumstances. An act of Congress isn’t going to do it. Neither will gun control. There are more guns in this country than there are people. There always have been. However you feel about that fact, you can acknowledge that you will never get rid of all of those guns. The Constitution prohibits that and you would set off a civil war if you try to do it.” ***

4 thoughts on “Tucker Blatantly LIES About Gun Lobbies While Promoting Civil War Rhetoric

  1. I imagine Carlson thinks it will be some sort of action movie stand off between the repressive government and the noble ‘free-loving’ folk and their beloved guns.
    The man has not read his history of communal violence. Group against group; faction against faction. Car bombs; IEDs on the road; random assassinations, public transport bobby trapped, individuals likewise.

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    1. Hello Roger. Wow Dylan was so young and cute in this video. But his singing style is the same. Yes the right has a fantasy war in their head. They long had a militia fantasy that their rag tag militias could take on and overpower the US government. Just the idea of a militia beating the army or even the militarized police is silly, unless they have the Republican elected congress people helping them along with a president trying to stay in power by overthrowing democracy. But without that, like when Obama was president all you heard was these groups claiming they had to be ready to take on and beat a tyrannical government that was coming for their guns.

      In the current war fantasy of the right they think there is going to be an all out war in the US between the real white people and the black / brown people and their traitor white supporters. Sometimes they describe it as a war between the godly good Republicans and the ungodly heathen Democrats. The right is sure they will win because they think they have all the guns but again that is wrong. I just don’t understand what they really gain from a race war. Do they really want an all white country or do they really want a black slave working class? in the US a race war would be a loss for all sides. IMO. Hugs

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      1. Most of them apart from a few damaged souls whose lives were broken in Irag or Afghanistan have no idea just what war is. They certainly have no idea as to what an urban / rural communal war is as carried out in Ulster / Northern Ireland (I will keep hammering that out) or a myriad of Third World nations.
        They would not last a month up against folk hardened by generations of this.
        Silly little people.

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