NY Magazine Calls Feinstein “Mentally Compromised”

The founding fathers hated the idea of a political class ruling the country.   For them that was too close to a king and royalty.  They never wanted a permanent ruling class in the US instead they wanted a government for the people by THE PEOPLE.    She has been in public elected office for 52 years and before her impairment was made public she said she was going to run again.  WTF!  She is 89 years old.   Is there no younger people fit to lead the country, fit to hold those seats?   Think of it.  She started when she was 36 years old in 1969.  Can anyone her age really grasp the differences in the country as it is today, the needs of the people in their 20, 30, and even 40s?  Can she of the other nearly 90 year old people in congress relate to culture as the newer generations are living or do they still try to force the people to live in the hey day of their prime, the world they knew when they were 20, 30 or 40 years old?   How can someone who was 40 in the 1970’s relate to the modern world of 2022?  How can they understand the needs of society today, when the traditions they grew up with were so different?  Hugs

In the middle of their deep dive into Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s decades in office and her legacy, New York Magazine drops this observation:

Feinstein, who turns 89 in June, is older than any other sitting member of Congress. Her declining cognitive health has been the subject of recent reporting in both her hometown San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times. It seems clear that Feinstein is mentally compromised, even if she’s not all gone. “It’s definitely happening,” said one person who works in California politics. “And it’s definitely not happening all the time.”

Reached by phone two days after 19 children were murdered in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, in late May, Feinstein spoke in halting tones, sometimes trailing off mid-sentence or offering a non sequitur before suddenly alighting upon the right string of words. She would forget a recently posed question, or the date of a certain piece of legislation, but recall with perfect lucidity events from San Francisco in the 1960s.

Read the full article.


3 thoughts on “NY Magazine Calls Feinstein “Mentally Compromised”

  1. I’ve expressed my thoughts on this woman in past comments. They haven’t changed. In fact, I’m more convinced than ever that she should be STRONGLY encouraged by close friends and allies NOT to run again. If, however, she goes against good advice, HOPEFULLY the voters will use their common sense and vote her OUT!

    But above and beyond all that … WHY would a woman her age even WANT to continue? It can’t be all money-related … surely she’s a millionaire (billionaire?) by now. It simply boggles the mind.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. It is the impression of power and authority, and for the ones still in their right minds most of the time there is never enough money. They never have enough, which is something I do not understand. Look at the asshole billionaires that never can get enough no matter how they hurt people. But for people like Chuck Grassley who is running again at 88 years old it is the power, authority, and fame. Why, he admits he loves the power it gives him locally in the state and in Washington. People kiss his ass to get his approval, and if he stopped being in the Senate he wouldn’t get that attention and ass kissing. Hugs


      1. Yes, the praise and fawning these individuals get from “adoring fans” undoubtedly plays a role. In fact … if the truth were known, it’s probably the BIGGEST factor because VERY few people can resist the adoration of others.

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