More families of trans teens sue to stop Texas child abuse investigations

Notice one trans boy tried to commit suicide blaming the current hate stirred up by Governor abbot and the republicans.   Notice that Gender-affirming care is endorsed by all the major medical associations as the proper treatment for gender dysphoria, which is the distress someone can feel when their assigned sex doesn’t align with their gender identity.   Treatment blocked by these laws.  The state is making doctor advised accepted medical treatments illegal for political purposes.   These asshole republican office holders think they know more than medical providers do.   They did the same thing with Covid treatments, vaccines, Ivermectin, and fish tank cleaner.   Does going to medical school mean anything to these people?  

The ACLU and Lambda Legal filed the lawsuit on behalf of three families currently under investigation, as well as more than 600 Texas-based members of PFLAG, an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ families.

Ashley (middle) chants, "God made trans kids! God loves trans kids!" with her children during a protest at the Texas Capitol…

This is complete bullshit.   Investigating families for child abuse because they are following proscribed medical treatment advocated for by the majority of medical organizations.    It is harassment.   Imagine doing this for families that allow boys to pierce their ears, or any child to get other piercings.    Imagine doing this for allowing your kids to color their hair.  It could be anything the republican rabid right dislikes.   They no longer care about medical science or harming kids and families.   This is entirely punitive by republicans in charge, do what we say and as we like people to do or we ruin you, destroy your family, smear you, maybe cost you your job.   Next they will go after families that do not force their gay children to stay in the closet or go to conversion therapy.   This is the Christian Taliban in the US.   Hugs

Friday • 5 hours ago

Evil and corrupt Christianist shithole administration.

Todd20036 • 5 hours ago

The cruelty is the point. And some people even in the LBG community want to push out the T


KarenAtFOH • 5 hours ago

The Hippocratic Oath is dead in Texas.

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