Republicans Think The LGBT Community Is MORE Dangerous Than Guns

While the gun control debate has been at the center of political discourse for almost a month now, some right-wingers aren’t letting Pride Month pass by without sharing their bigoted views towards the LGBTQ+ community. Former child actor Ricky Schroder is convinced demons and the devil are to blame for the gay community and Texas’ Republican state Rep. Bryan Slaton is opting to shelve gun control measures to propose a bill that would outlaw children from attending drag shows. Cenk Uygur discusses on The Young Turks.

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“Former child actor turned far-right extremist Ricky Schroder made a bizarre claim about Pride Month.

Instead of a celebration of LGBTQ communities, Schroder wrote in his Instagram story that it was something much more sinister.

PatriotTakes, which monitors right-wing social media, shared a screenshot:”…

“Two weeks after a gunman armed with a semiautomatic rifle and hundreds of rounds of ammunition massacred 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a Republican state lawmaker announced that he is taking action—against drag shows. State Rep. Bryan Slaton said Monday he intends to file legislation “protecting kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays” when the next legislative session begins.

While Republicans in the state and in Washington, D.C. have not been driven to make AR-15s and other semiautomatic weapons inaccessible to Americans after any of the more than 300 school shootings that have taken place since the Columbine High School attack in 1999—or other high-profile mass shootings in other settings—Slaton claimed to be so disturbed by photos of a child at a drag show in Dallas over the weekend that he saw no choice but to act.

“This is disgusting and dangerous. It can’t be allowed to continue,” Slaton tweeted. “My Republican colleagues and I will protect kids from these sickos.””

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