Dennis Prager: Most Gays Can’t “Think As A Person”

Media Matters has the transcript:

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): Reflecting on the story of the five members of the major league baseball team, the Tampa Bay Rays, who — the only ones in baseball, apparently, of what I assume are 750 players — who refused to wear the LGBTQI+ patches and hats during this LGBTQIA+ month, Pride Month.

CALLER: I am gay. I’ve been married for five and a half years. And —

PRAGER: Ok. No, no. Obviously that’s relevant to what you’re saying. See, you are capable of doing what, apparently — and I say apparently — most gays are not and not a single gay activist organization, to think as a person, not just as a gay.

RELATED: Last October, Prager claimed that if the US were to split, “the Christian side would prosper.” He last appeared on JMG when he declared the Capitol riot to be a “Reichstag fire.” Prager has defended anti-vaxxers by claiming that gay men were not “pariahs” during the 80s height of the AIDS epidemic. Prager, who is anti-vax and who has contracted COVID twice, has declared that doctors “know nothing” about COVID and that everybody should stock up on horse paste. Before that, we heard from him when he declared that President Obama has “zero masculinity.” We also heard from him when he claimed that if the left really cared about black people, they’d tell them to “elevate their moral standards.” And prior to that, he appeared here when he lamented that nobody says “Negro” anymore and that he can’t use the N-word.


Yalma Cuder-Zicci • 5 hours ago

Do the majority of Christians think as people, or do they just swallow the dogma they are fed without question and blindly follow their ministers?

Coxygru • 5 hours ago

KKKonservatives are raring to dehumanize us in order to strip us of any rights acquired in the past few decades. Dehumanizing is the first step. Watch out for the next ones.

Nic Peterson Coxygru • 5 hours ago

They have been doing this for 50 years. That WHORE, Anita Bryant, got them rolling in our direction and proved it could be a money maker as well as a convenient shield for the kid fucking that they were enabling/covering up.

Oh, Parker • 5 hours ago

You know who really can’t think for themselves? People who need bronze age teachings and an invisible and undetectable sky daddy to tell them how to live.

2 thoughts on “Dennis Prager: Most Gays Can’t “Think As A Person”

    1. Hello Jeff. Yes the same Prager guy that started as a shill / huckster and upped his game to get paid tens of millions of dollars a year to push hard right ideas / desires as seemingly normal best thing to do ever. The same group that supports Prager also supports Bannon / Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, and all the others destroying the minds of young people in the US by pushing hate, bigotry, and racism. Hugs


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