Racist Parents Drive New Black Educator From District In CRT-Fueled Panic

Please notice the open racism and how these parents were taught how to be as intimidating as possible and were told to have it filmed so it could be used on Tucker Carlson or other Fox shows.   This is the new KKK.   They not only chased her from one school in the district but hounded her out of a second school in the area.    The parents flat out stated they were a white majority and did not want a black teacher.  Period.   The right complains of cancel culture yet love to cancel people and things they don’t like.   Hugs

Cecilia Lewis, a black teacher who had recently begun work in a small Georgia town was driven out of her district and threatened by racist agitators baselessly claiming that she was going to bring critical race theory into the school’s curriculum. The parents were so dead-set on ruining Lewis’ career that they even followed her to her next school job after she was fired from Cherokee County School District, to drive her out of that job as well. Cenk Uygur, Jayar Jackson, and Jackson White discuss on The Young Turks.

Read more HERE: https://www.propublica.org/article/ge…

“In April of 2021, Cecelia Lewis had just returned to Maryland from a house-hunting trip in Georgia when she received the first red flag about her new job.

The trip itself had gone well. Lewis and her husband had settled on a rental home in Woodstock, a small city with a charming downtown and a regular presence on best places to live lists.

It was a short drive to her soon-to-be office at the Cherokee County School District and less than a half hour to her husband’s new corporate assignment.

While the north Georgia county was new to the couple, the Atlanta area was not. They’d visited several times in recent years to see their son, who attended Georgia Tech. Lewis, a middle school principal, initially applied for a position that would bring her closer to the classroom as a coach for teachers.

But district leaders were so impressed by her interview that they encouraged her to apply instead for a new opening they’d created: their first administrator focused on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

DEI-focused positions were becoming more common in districts across the country, following the 2020 protests over the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

The purpose of such jobs typically is to provide a more direct path for addressing disparities stemming from race, economics, disabilities and other factors.”

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