McIlravy resigns as Pilot Point mayor after child solicitation arrest

I have to remind everyone the current Republican / GOP attack on the Democrats is they are groomers and child abusers.   Just saying.   Hugs

Matt McIlravy formally resigned from his position of Pilot Point mayor this morning after being indicted earlier this week for online solicitation of a child.

Britt Lusk, the City Manager of Pilot Point, said that on Friday, the city received a letter from MacIlravy announcing his resignation immediately. Because MacIlravy’s resignation comes after the city posted its agenda for the week, the city will act on it at a later date in accordance with state law and the city charter.

For now, the city’s Mayor Pro Tem will serve as the acting mayor. Lusk did not name who that person is, and the Pilot Point City Council’s web page simply had a blank space under “Mayor.”

MacIlravy was arrested on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 in an undercover operation conducted by Dallas police. He is accused of arranging to meet up and engage in sexual activity with a girl he believed was 13 years old.


Ed B • 8 hours ago

Consider this. If this keeps happening (and it will, because duh), the girls who end up pregnant will HAVE to carry their babies to term.

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