Police Officer ATTACKS Witnesses During Arrest (Video)

Newport, RI police officers are caught on camera going all-out with unnecessary brutality during a late-night arrest. David Shuster breaks it down on Rebel HQ.

7 thoughts on “Police Officer ATTACKS Witnesses During Arrest (Video)

  1. Oh, puh-leeze! This was SO FRIKKIN’ OBVIOUSLY a false flag anti-blue operation! That so-called cop is clearly a phony and the kids are actors, too! If it was a real cop, he would have SHOT SOMEBODY!!! Fourteen times! Everybody knows that’s how many bullets it takes in the back to bring down a fleeing suspect. (Except at the US Capitol on 1/6. The trouble with using firearms there, where it seemed so logically justified, is that the insurrectionists had white skin.)

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    1. Hello The Balsamean. The trouble is we have police seriously filled with steroid induced rage, feeling that they are an armed enforcer of the occupying army over the captured must be controlled people. The worst crime a person can do is to disrespect the police and fail to give them instant obedience. They see it as their due. Every time the only charge is resisting arrest you now the cop had no reason to stop or detain someone, they just felt they were not respectful or obedient enough. Cops no longer see their job as helping people, they see it as enforcement. Just what they are enforcing is what the cop wants at that moment. Hugs

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      1. Hi Scottie. Rank & file cops do seem to have generally taken a miltant position against the public. I assume it is not true of all individual cops, but as an institution, sadly yes. And many in leadership encourage them, even demand it, I believe, or do nothing to stop it except empty appeasements for public image.

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        1. Hello Dennis. Yes it is true that not all police are assholes. The young man we took care of as a kid and who lives with us is working to being a police officer. He is a good man and open minded and tolerant. But the institution grinds down people like him, the good cops. That is because the training is very militaristic with very abusive tactics taught. This week he had training on using an AR-15 in urban settings for everything from crowd control to restoring order. The old way I was taught of de-escalation is not taught now, what is taught is a police officer must be given instant obedience in every situation. Officers are taught they are in a battle situation and if they don’t get instant obedience they are in extreme danger. The teaching is that every day the officers are in the most danger and their lives are more important than the public’s lives. That is not true, policing is not that dangerous a job in the US and they have all the power with most of the time they have weapons. So the training instills fear in the minds of the cops that they are in extreme danger and the public is their enemy, and so they take that stance in dealing with the people. They overreact as if they were in an enemy territory and they were an occupying army. When people talk about reform this is the true reform needed but the police unions and control over the local politicians is too great to do much on local levels. There is a huge profit for the few companies that do the teaching to police departments. Hugs

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          1. Scottie, you write: “So the training instills fear in the minds of the cops that they are in extreme danger and the public is their enemy,”

            That last part about the public being the enemy is, in a sense, very true. BUT! It’s because the police have brought this on themselves! They act like armed bullies with itchy trigger fingers and “the public” reacts accordingly. They are no longer seen as “protectors” but instead as “aggressors.”

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          2. Right on. It is a crucial part of the system that is beyond reform. It must be replaced with something better. An upgrade? Overhaul. Now that we’re on the matter of good cops and bad cops, my hat’s off to Ice Cube. Not a fan of rap, but this protest song is worth a serious listen. All about good cop / bad cop. https://youtu.be/SSKRLZSzCXA

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