Texas educator group proposes referring to slavery as “involuntary relocation” in second grade curriculum


Notice that the reason stated for this change is a law passed by the Republicans that nothing can be taught that would upset white kids.   Also they wanted to compare slavery with the immigration of Irish people.    Hugs

The Texas State Board of Education, which is considering social studies curriculum revisions this summer, says the group has been asked to revise that phrasing.

Students and teachers walk through the halls at Cactus Elementary School on Jan. 28, 2020.


Paddycakes2001 • an hour ago

I’m surprised they are conceding it was involuntary. Why not just use this Virginia textbook?


Rebecca Gardner • an hour ago

Welcome to the new Dark Ages.

Guess? Rebecca Gardner • 34 minutes ago

The “Dark Ages” has officially been renamed as the “Good Old Days.”

HZ81 • an hour ago

I used to joke the GOP will rebrand slavery as a guest worker program.

Close. And I ain’t proud.

William • an hour ago

Slavery isn’t the same thing as being sentenced to “transportation to the colonies”.

S_E_P • an hour ago

So the holocaust was just a little relocation, showering and baking

another_steve Todd20036 • an hour ago

It’s obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention that today’s Republican Party is one of the most virulently anti-Semitic elements in American society today.

Their support of Israel has nothing — zero — to do with love or respect for the Jewish people. It’s merely the party following the guidance of their christofascist puppet masters, the evangelical right.

“Israel must remain strong and vital in anticipation of the Second Coming, there, of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ who — in keeping with biblical truth — will then smite all non-believers, including the Jews.”

5 thoughts on “Texas educator group proposes referring to slavery as “involuntary relocation” in second grade curriculum

    1. Hello taurusingemini. You are correct. Millions of kids and generations that follow will not know the true history of the US and the depth of slavery in the US that still effects black people to this day. Some say this is so black people can be blamed for the lower economic status they have in the US and that further restricting the rights of blacks can happen without being compared to slavery and bigotry. I think it is just returning the US to a time when white cis straight Christian males were unquestionably in charge and women were subservient to them, blacks knew their place and stayed there while LGBTQ+ were hidden and scared to let anyone know what they were. That is the world these six justices want back. Terrifying. Hugs


  1. “Involuntary relocation” is KIDNAPPING. Slavery is something entirely different. The people who were brought here from Africa to be slaves were FIRST KIDNAPPED & then ENSLAVED. “Involuntary relocation” only tells half of the story & in a very stupid way.


    1. Polly you apparently did not read my last reply. So read this one. You deleted the comment I made on your blog and blocked me from commenting. Your responses were left up and insulting to me. I asked you why you did that and you did not answer. You are unwelcome here. If you are going to be a dishonest actor, I have no interest in having any interaction with you. Do you get the point! Bye


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