5 thoughts on “True Facts: The Beaver

  1. I have subscribed to Curiosity for two or three years. I never saw this. I need to go back.
    The narrator does sound slightly like Attenborough, though.
    Thanks, Scottie.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. I love these types of shows. Funny and yet informative. Some narrators do have wonderful sounding voices. Not me, I sound like a chalk board being shredded with a cheese grater. 😀😄😉😎 Hugs


      1. I have some doubts about the voice thing.

        Didn’t you post that about the time the SC disabled the EPA? Close enough.

        I thought, what an odd thing that these rodent engineers work harder than we do at conserving our environment. Those people who are sucking every penny’s worth of value from our continent can move to another fairly easily. Finding another planet will be a little harder. I’ve seen pics of Mars.

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