REUTERS: Alabama cites Roe v. Wade decision in transgender youth case

Alabama cites Roe v. Wade decision in transgender youth case
Just days after the U.S. Supreme Court abolished women’s constitutional right to abortion, Alabama has cited that ruling in a bid to outlaw parents from obtaining puberty blockers and certain other medical treatment for their transgender children.

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4 thoughts on “REUTERS: Alabama cites Roe v. Wade decision in transgender youth case

  1. Oh, this is very bad. It may not survive a suit, but if it does, it will be bad. For cis girls as well as trans girls (not taking sides, just saying that these therapies are good for more than relieving and affirming trans women.) These legislators have no idea what they’re doing in repressing medical privacy; likely won’t until one of their cis-daughters needs treatment for her own health and future well-being. Shame on them.

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    1. Hello Ali. I am so tired of people putting their personal feelings and religion dogma over actual medical science and treatments. We seen this with Covid, with Vaccines, and now with trans treatments. These are accepted and approved medical procedures / medications backed up by well examined peer reviewed studies. I had one person come here and repeated write in caps that “No one is born in the wrong body” even though that person had no medical training never read the studies. She just felt she knew more than the doctors because she hated trans people. These right wing law makers know that being LGBTQ+ is inborn, cannot be changed, but they want to make the behavior hidden and those that display any difference from cis hetero targets for abuse. The guy who wrote the don’t say gay bill in Florida admitted he hated and was pissed off that kids in school accepted other kids that came out. He felt they should have been bullied and shown it was wrong of them. Show it was wrong of them! That is what is driving these laws. It is an attempt to wipe LGBTQ+ out of society and teaching bigotry before kids get too old to fight back against it. One of the data points I seen today is that kids that know other openly LGBTQ+ kids are far more accepting it as normal. The link is This data shows that over 20% of gen Z are openly identifying as LGBTQ+, more than older generations Hugs

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      1. 🙂 It is absolutely true. I’ve seen it here in my own hometown. 🙂 That doesn’t necessarily protect them from bigoted adults, but bigoted adults are creating a ginormous brain drain here; young people leave for school and don’t come back except for funerals.
        The RWNJs once again reign supreme as creators of unintended consequences.

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