Navy Veteran EXPOSES American Gun Extremists

Meidas contributor and Navy veteran Ken Harbaugh grew up around guns. He is a supporter of the Second Amendment and respects responsible gun ownership. Yet, Harbaugh is sickened by the Second Amendment extremists who have perverted our Constitution and turned our country into an active war zone. In this video, he passionate rebukes the right wing lies that are making our nation less safe.

5 thoughts on “Navy Veteran EXPOSES American Gun Extremists

  1. Because the Congress is funded by NRA, which means, that, the guns won’t be, regulated, and, the video stated the problems, of gun availablities, and because of the NRA funded the politicians. And, even if people pass the checks, that still don’t mean, that they will, have the responsibility to use firearms, responsibly.

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    1. Hello taurusingemini. Yes he mentions the NRA in the video. But the NRA has lost a lot of power in congress, and it is losing more respect all the time. Don’t give up hope, we can win this if we can get more democrats in to the elected offices. The more the gun violence hits home to more people, the more people are afraid, then more will get done to keep people safe and lower the gun threat. Hugs


    1. Hello Keith. People are changing on this as are people in congress. See before it was just a few schools, in far off places. Now there are more schools, and their children are the ones at risk. Now people are afraid to go to events, go out shopping, going out to eat … all because they are afraid. The economy will suffer. Businesses will demand something be done, politicians will demand that the economy be saved and people feel safe. It will get worse first, but I think when it gets a little worse the camel’s back will break. Hugs


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