I managed to get most of it outside the car

I am not having a good morning at all.    Thank dogs that love gravy for Ron.  I had to go have my blood drawn and pee in a cup for my labs the doctor wants for my appointments Monday and Tuesday.   My plan was to get up about 6 or 6:30, drink some water and go to the hospital outpatient lab.   

My pain levels were so bad by 4:30 I couldn’t stay in bed.   So I got up.   I had a long time to wait so I had a cup of black coffee, no sweetener.   And a big glass of water.    I took my morning pills.   Had a second coffee and large glass of water.   I had to pee but that was OK as I had to wait a couple hours before the lab opened so I would need to pee again anyway.      

For a while now I have been getting nauseous some mornings.    I have developed a very bad habit years ago of taking all my morning pills all at the same time along with my morning pain pills.     Some of them call for taking with food but I have ignored that for years.   Now with my dieting I am doing it more often, taking them with no food.    That is now upsetting my stomach some mornings.

So one last factor of my bad morning.  Next to the hospital is a school.   Both younger and even younger kids.   In the morning the line of parents trying to get into the school parking lot to drop off kids stretches from the main road in front of the school for blocks blocking the far right lane for at least two stop lights.   This is a three lane road.   It used to be you could stay in the middle lane and after the entrance to the school move into the far right lane to get to the hospital entrance which is a block further down the same main road.   The entrance to hospital is off the side road between the school and the hospital and now they have opened the school parking lot to drop off kids on that road as well.   I did not know this.   I was in the middle lane which was stop and go and wondered why that was happening and seen the far right lane blocked with traffic all the way to the side road entrance and then further into the school parking lot as cars waited to drop kids, move one car forward, wait to drop, move one car forward.    Lucky the side road is two lanes so once on the side road you can get around the line of cars going into the school.   The problem is you must be in that far right lane to make that turn onto the side road.   Below is a snip of the area I am talking about.   The blue line is the far right lane before the school and the turn into the side road, then the hospital.   The line of cars to get into the school started further than I could show on the map.   I was luck to be able to get over into the far right lane right after the middle large entrance to the school, but again the line of stopped cars waiting to drop off their children went along the blue line which was my route.   

cape coral hospital

From there my morning got a lot worse.   It took me nearly 30 minutes to go that short distance as cars would drop kids off, then everyone in line moved up one car, and repeat.  Of course these are younger kids so they don’t get themselves gathered up and out of the cars quickly.  The entire time I was getting sicker and sicker, waves of nausea washing over me.   Every time I moved the car a bit then stopped I was in danger of vomiting.   I just hoped I could get to the hospital parking lot in time.  

I got to the side road and moved out of the line of cars and moved in to the left lane to turn into the hospital and was in real destress, I was going to vomit.   I drove into the parking lot, and as fast as I could I pulled into a space and put the car in park, reached to open the door … and as the door was opening I vomited hard.   While I was able to direct most of it downward to the road the door was not widely open and so I got vomit on the door, the floor door sill, my cane that rests there next to the door, my hand, grossly some on my long hair.    I had to back the car up to be able to step out.   As I got out of the car I managed to move around the door trying to get to the grass next to the sidewalk in front of the car.   I did not get there.   By the first step I was again vomiting.   Lucky no one was walking on the sidewalk or I would have gotten them also.   I went to the hatch and got a towel Ron leaves there and using one of the bottles of water rinsed my hand and dried it.   I wiped my hair.  Wiped my cane.   Lucky my shirt was spared and the hospital still uses masks so my face would be covered.   Then started to wipe down the door and other spots.   The bending down triggered the need to vomit again and I stepped out of the car and soaked the area between my car and the one next to it.    Whoever parks in either spot and has to get out on that side of the car is going to hate / curse me.  

But never fear my day was not over with being shitty.   Just inside the entrance to the hospital is a set of bathrooms.   They are single person use so I waited until the men’s was free.   That is where the shitty part comes in.   A man exited the bathroom and I entered, and the smell hit me.   Good thing that fellow was in a hospital because something vital was dying inside him.  But I washed up as best I could include my cane and handle, while trying not to breathe.   I made sure I was as vomit free as possible and went to the lab check in.    When my turn came I went into the blood draw area, sat down where directed and chatted with the lab person as they got ready to take my blood.   She prepped my right arm, she stuck the needle in, filled the first of five vials, replaced it with the second one.  At this point the blood stopped flowing.   She tried to wiggle the needle, moved it around, twisted it a bit, and if you think I was happy you would be incorrect.  She slowly removed the needle in hope the blood would again flow.    She then tried the other arm.  I don’t know if the first try had made her nervous, but the second try hurt going in and was painful the entire time she was filling the vials.

  Now here is where I start thanking dogs that love gravy for Ron.   On the way home I called him and explained what happened.   He met me when I parked the car, he took all the stuff I had with me into the house and as I was getting out of the car returned with a small wash bucket and cloths.    I went to take them and he refused saying I should go in and rest while he would take care of it all.   He washed the insides of the car and got them all cleaned up, brought in the yucky towel and other stuff I got vomit on, put a new towel in the car.   Then after he got done he came in and got me a little food to settle my stomach.   And that was my morning.    Oh and the blood work coming back in seems good, the A1C is 6.6 down from 7.4 and all the results in so far look better than the results from last time.    Have a great day, I am going to go lay down.   Hugs

4 thoughts on “I managed to get most of it outside the car

    1. Hello Nan. Doesn’t seem to. Been a rough week or more for me. And may not be better today. It seems I am intolerant of eggs now. I have not had eggs in a while. Yesterday Ron wanted eggs over medium, so I cooked them for us. I woke up at 5 this morning to sharp pain in my intestines and let’s just say the next couple of hours were not fun. But this too shall pass. I plan to spend all the rest of the day answering comments until I get caught back up. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes, this endocrinologist I got a year or so ago is really on the ball. He has adjusted my medications and the insulin he has me on works well for me. In fact all my lab work numbers were very good for once. Hugs

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