POLITICO: Meet the GOP’s future king of Biden investigations

Meet the GOP’s future king of Biden investigations
James Comer wants to ensure his potential investigations into Hunter Biden are perceived as “credible” — a tall order his colleagues think he can handle.

Read in POLITICO: https://apple.news/AS9Jp6hxFS1OU2NR3PCBRFg

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2 thoughts on “POLITICO: Meet the GOP’s future king of Biden investigations

  1. I’ve always found it rather puzzling that the Repukes think investigating Biden’s son is such a big deal when their own leader has a history of, shall we say, “missteps” throughout not only his presidency, but his entire life! Moreover, Hunter Biden is NOT the president so what he has or has not done does not change the country as a whole. It may reflect badly on his father, but again, he’s a private citizen, so … ???

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    1. Hello Nan. I read a news article the other day that broke down the trump tactic of attacking the people accusing him of a crime or wrongdoing. His tactic is to double down and accuse them of wrongdoing, of the far worse crimes than he is accused of and even claiming that it is just a personal attack on him that has nothing to do with any real crime. It is something he has done all his life, make a huge deal out of what he is accused of while attacking the people accusing him of it. The entire Russia Russia Russia and witch hunt thing for example. Never apologize and never back up, act as if you are in charge and everyone else is lying. Change reality to suit himself. Hopefully it won’t work this time, but Fox and his sycophants sure are trying to make it work. Hugs

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